DePizza: Get Nasi Lemak & Locally-Inspired Pizza Flavours Along The Singapore River

Mamma Mia! Who doesn’t love pizza? There’s a new pizza place in town sprucing up your favourite comfort food with a twist. Just like our national slogan, these are “Uniquely Singaporean” pizzas!

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Featuring local-inspired fusion pizzas, DePizza is a new restaurant that has popped up right next to the Singapore River at Raffles Place.

Started by a trio of young entrepreneurs, this pizzeria does things a little different by recreating Italian pizza with familiar Singaporean flavours.

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With a cosy, secluded setting, diners at DePizza can enjoy a casual atmosphere ideal for conversation, while being surrounded by the bustling city. Nestled on the second floor above Burger Bar, the restaurant overlooks the gorgeous Singapore river.

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It’s pizza time! As it’s still in its nascent stages, DePizza’s progressive menu of fusion pizzas isn’t as expansive yet. And, their trio of unprecedented pizza creations will have you reeling back in surprise.

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Nasi Lemak may be a full-proof combination, from the sambal to the fragrant coconut milk-infused rice. But Nasi Lemak pizza? DePizza must have lost its mind!

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Behold, DePizza’s Nasi Lemak Pizza ($24), which is topped with fresh cucumber bits and even ikan bilis. For sure, DePizza is pulling all the stops to replicate our local delight down to the finest detail.

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DePizza even serves up its own homemade sambal paste to go with the pizza! With their modified recipe, DePizza manages to nail their sambal sauce, which didn’t drench the pizza dough in oil.

It was also hiam (spicy) enough to please my palate, and you can let the staff know if you would like a milder spice level.

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While the homemade sambal sauce was impressive, the best part was still the crust. Infused with coconut cream, the base was delicately sweet and fragrant. If you look closer, you can see its beautiful light-green hue attributed to the pandan mixed into the dough. My only gripe was that the base was a tad doughy.

Altogether, the mix of chicken, fried egg, cucumber and cheese was just as harmonious as traditional Nasi Lemak. The fragrance of the pandan and coconut cream was also strong enough to cut through the denser cheese. Definitely bizarre, but I find myself wanting more.

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All the pizzas are paired with a trio of sauces. The white one is a Garlic Dip that adds a creamy texture as well as the sharp spice of garlic. There’s also the Green Chilli Dip and Red Chilli Dip that aren’t too spicy and add light sourness to the pizza.

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As a sucker for Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork, I was very excited to try DePizza’s GLY Pizza ($22) that stands for Gu Lou Yok. Disclaimer: if you’re a strong anti-fan of pineapple on pizza, go ahead and skip down a few scrolls. The pineapple is strong in this one.

Now that I’ve cleared the air, let’s talk more about this unusual pizza. Just like normal Gu Lou Yok, this pizza is tied together with a sweet and sour oriental sauce. While the sauce was not too runny, I did find it a little on the sweet side.

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Just look at the thin crust! Fastest fingers first, snag up the slice with the most Gu Lou Rou pieces as they do pack more of the GLY flavour. Albeit a little on the tough side, the little morsels of meat were tasty and succulent.

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With red bell peppers and pineapples thrown into the mix, DePizza managed to reinforce the slight tanginess of GLY sweet and sour sauce. However, were it not for the Gu Lou Rou, I might have mistaken the flavours for a classic Hawaiian pizza.

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Perhaps the most imaginative choice is the Chilli Crab Manzza ($26), which pays homage to Singapore’s iconic Chilli Crab dish.

With the goal of replicating the heavenly chilli crab and mantou combination, you must be wondering — where’s the mantou? It isn’t in the pizza dough; it is the pizza dough!

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Feast your eyes on that stunning crust and stringy cheese! Evident from the pockets of air, the deep-fried mantou dough was soft and airy with an almost pillow-like texture. It even had a glorious golden-brownness just like regular mantou buns.

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DePizza insists on using real crab meat on their Chilli Crab Manzza. The crab meat was indeed fresh and still retained ample moisture. Uplifted by some cilantro and onions on top, the chilli sauce was very light and punchy.

With their Chilli Crab Manzza this good, looks like DePizza might actually give seafood restaurants a run for their money.

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Highly recommended by DePizza, we had their Fat Die Fries ($14). The fries were thick and nicely crisp on the outside. I just wished that I had more fries for its price point.

Nevertheless, smothered in heavenly melted cheese and thick gravy, the fries were the perfect savoury bite to accompany the pizza. Fat die me!

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DePizza also served us These Mussels ($20 for half kg). While “these mussels” did have a bit of a briny flavour, I definitely enjoyed the tender flesh. Cooked with white wine and fresh herbs, the flavours of the mussels were elevated.

Even though most of the pizzas are for sharing, there are some attractive promotions if you’re dining solo. From $7.90, grab a Small Eater Combo that comes with a single slice of any pizza and even a drink.

Unless you’re a traditionalist adamant about having only classic Italian pizza, DePizza is a new pizzeria you must check out. With the chefs letting their whacky ideas come to life, I wouldn’t be surprised if DePizza is already creating a brand of fusion of its own.

For their local-inspired fusion pizzas, DePizza definitely promised and delivered (especially my favourite Nasi Lemak pizza). And it’s only getting bigger and bolder — brace yourself for eccentric new creations in the near future, such as Kong Bak Pao pizza with a pao crust! I’ll definitely be back for more crazy pizzas for sure.

Expected Damage: $8 – $20 per pax 

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DePizza: 35A Boat Quay Singapore 048624 | Tel: +65 6588 1359 | Opening Hours: (Monday to Thursday) 11am – 10pm, (Friday to Saturday) 11am – 12am, (Sunday) Closed | Website | Facebook

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