DiningCity’s 11th Singapore Restaurant Week 2015: A Sneak Preview


We are into DiningCity’s 11th edition of the Singapore Restaurant Week. With each year showing better responses than the previous, it’s proven to be a resounding success. Restaurant week is a highly popular event targeting the fine dining and middle-market restaurant scenes.

 3-course lunch and dinner at top fine-dining Singapore restaurants will be available for just S$25++ and S$35++ respectively.

Happening from the 24th of October to 1st of November 2015, from experience, some of the top few restaurants actually get snapped up on the booking opening day itself!

Link to the official website for more information and booking is provided at the end of the article.

This article will bring you through a sample of some dishes served for restaurant week from selected restaurants that we had the privilege to indulge in.

Xperience Restaurant



Xperience, located at Sofitel So Singapore, is a restaurant and bar that aims to provide customers with a relaxing atmosphere in an elegant and style setting. As the name of the restaurant pretty much suggests, they aim for their customers to have a unique experience.

Customers are enticed with new perspectives of gourmet international cuisine; French executive chef Anne-Cecile Degenne came up with a selection of dishes that are cooked and presented on categories of texture and taste.

That means customers are given the flexibility to choose based on the portion size, texture and taste. Cool isn’t it?



Truffle Pao with Short Rib Stuffing, a genius fusion of French and local techniques. Sounds really weird but the combination actually works. Pao, is a Chinese soft bun with fillings on the inside, and in this instance, short ribs. The bun were soft and light, which made it easy to bite on.

The skin is charcoal-infused therefore explaining it’s dark appearance. Short ribs were really tender and the truffle taste were appropriate based on the portion of meat. Gold glittered finishing on top the buns made it looked really, really presentable.

Xperience Restaurant: Sofitel So Singapore, 35 Robinson Road, Singapore 068876 | Tel: 6701 6800 | Website

Violet Herbs



Violet Herbs is a new semi-formal fine dining restaurant in Singapore located in the Tanjong Pagar area. Being a business that serves authentic Modern European cuisine, they constantly stand true to keeping their veritable standards.

Diners can get to experience the finest of Italian and French dishes at Violet Herbs for Restaurant week. They are a 2-storey restaurant with over 70 seats so don’t worry about having a lack of space here.


Their Duck Confit was an excellent one. Meat was succulent and detached from the bone easily when eating. The pinkish gradient of the meat showed how well it was cooked. Fat layer on the skin was rendered well and so was the appropriate amount of seasoning.

Served alongside with Sautéed baby spinach, Herbs potatoes and Foie Gras Duck Jus. Potatoes gave a satisfying crunch to it, slightly oily but was fine. The Foie Gras Duck Jus had a depth of flavour in it and it complimented the whole dish well.


The other mains we were served was the Roasted Red Snapper. The meat was oh-so-tender instantly after I took my first bite. Fresh and juicy meat all in one. The perfect crisp skin provided an added touch, with a slightly-burnt taste on it.

It is served with Almond Crust, Summer Mushrooms and Crustacean Bisque. The almond crust really helped in the texture department as it is a contrast to the tender meat. Mushrooms are my favourite, enough said. I would say what really brought the dish together was that bisque, that was adequately flavourful yet powerful.

Violet Herbs Restaurant: 81 Tras Street Singapore 079020 | Tel: 6221 3988 | Website




KUVO, overlooking the world-famous Orchard Road shopping area is operated by popular F&B company The Connoisseur Concerto- this is one in the F&B scene you can set your expectations higher. KUVO offers all day dining based on international and Asian cuisines, cocktails as well as a wide selection of wines.

KUVO’s elegant and sophisticated interior is bound to make everything perfect for you. Warm and inviting ambience welcomes you into this place for a different dining experience.


Pictured above is the Rum Cocoa Mousse Bar which will be served as dessert for restaurant week. Really pretty looking dessert but it fares greatly in the taste area too.

Texture was similar to a cheesecake, soft, fluffy and light. Mousse was really dense and thick. It actually goes very well with the rich chocolate flavour, a sinful indulgent yet mildly sweetened in my opinion. Rum-soaked raisins hit all the right spot as the flavour burst right out in your mouth.

KUVO:#02-01 Orchard Shopping Centre, 321 Orchard Rd.,, Singapore | Tel: 67338272 | Website


You might expect Restaurant week to be just any other 3-course lunch/dinner that’s readily available elsewhere. Think again, the list of restaurants participating are bound to change your mindset. Affordably priced too based on their usual high end prices.

So hurry before it all runs out. Get your bookings done here.