9 DIY Soju Cocktails To Take Your Drinks Up A Notch & Impress Your Gang

When it comes to having a party, it seems that soju is a must nowadays. The Korean craze is still going strong, and soju is a must-have at almost every drinking session.

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If you’re bored of the same old drinks and are looking to impress the gang, here are 9 DIY soju cocktails to take your soju game up the notch.

1. Yoghurt Soju Blast

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One of the most popular and common ways to drink soju is with Yakult. You can use Vitagen too, if you’re a fan of it. But really, you can use any form of cultured milk drink and mix it with soju to create a sweet concoction.

I love this version because the sweetness of the Yakult conceals the taste of the alcohol, which is especially great if you’re not a fan of the boozy flavour.

Proportion: Half a glass of Yakult + two shots of soju

2. Somaek (Soju Bomb)

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Of course, it would be sacrilegious to leave out the OG soju cocktail from this list. The classic Somaek (soju and beer) has got to be the easiest mix of soju cocktail you can make, simply because you can get beer anywhere.

I would recommend getting Korean beer for the cocktail, and my favourite is Hite beer. But if you can’t get Korean beer, you can use any light lagers like Budweiser or Anchor.

Proportion: Two Shots of soju + half a glass of beer

3. Cojinganmek

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This one adds a sweet finish to the classic Somaek. The Cojinganmek is a mixture of beer, soju and Coca-Cola. The combination of Coke and beer may seem odd at first, but once we tried this soju cocktail, we were sold.

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect combination of boozy and sweet flavours to sip on!

Proportion: Half a glass of beer + one of shot of soju + one-third of a glass of Coke

4. Ujjujju Melony

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This soju cocktail is the best for a hot summer afternoon, by the pool and the perfect combination for you and your friends. A combination of a melon ice cream popsicle sitting in a cup of soju and Chilsung Cider mix is guaranteed to quench the heat.

If you aren’t a fan of melon, you can always switch the popsicle to a flavour of your liking. Either way, you’ll have an icy sweet finish to this soju cocktail.

Proportion: Two shots of soju + half a glass of Chilsung Cider + one Melona ice cream

5. Energizer

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The recipe for a sugar high is just around the corner in your nearest convenience store. These mixers are easily available at any convenience store, and even some vending machines! But this soju cocktail mix can be a bit of an acquired taste.

Gatorade, Red Bull and soju — sounds nasty but it might just be a drink you’ll grow to enjoy. It can get a little too sweet, so one glass is enough.

Proportion: Two shots of soju + one-third of a glass of Gatorade + one-third of a glass of Redbull

6. Soju Latte

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For all you coffee lovers, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create this sweet tasting coffee soju cocktail! We decided to use Nescafe’s original coffee because it’s easily available at any convenience store or vending machines.

We adjusted the ratio to ensure that the coffee taste balances out the subtle bitterness of the soju, but it’s really up to you how strong you want the cocktail to be! You can even opt for black coffee if you don’t want a creamy finish to it.

Proportion: Two shots of soju + half a glass of coffee

7. Soju Ale

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Add a little fancy touch to soju with ginger ale and apple slices, which will not only taste great but look classy as well. The Soju Ale cocktail resembles a Gin and Tonic, but don’t be fooled as it’ll taste completely different.

The crisp sweetness from the ginger ale and green apple slices brightens the soju in this combination. It could be an acquired taste though, so try it only if you’re up for an adventurous drink.

Proportion: Two shots of soju + half a glass of ginger ale + apple slices

8. Mango Soju

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When I was in Korea, I had the opportunity to discover this interesting combination. Being a mango lover, my sister insisted on getting mango juice with our soju.

Initially, I thought the combination would be too weird but surprisingly, the sweetness of the mango juice complemented the sharpness of the soju.

This would be quite an easy combination to guzzle down to quench that summer thirst.

Proportion: Two shots of soju + two-thirds of a glass of mango juice

9. Soju ‘Sangria’

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Out of all the soju cocktails we’ve tried, this has got to be my favourite. If you love your cocktail sweet and tangy but strong like me, you should definitely try this. Freshly squeezed grapefruit and lemon juice shaken with soju will give you the ultimate Soju ‘Sangria’. 

You may think it’s a ladies’ drinks because it’s so fruity, but the alcohol content is actually pretty strong. What’s best is that the soju actually cuts through the acidity of the fruit juices, so the sourness doesn’t linger long on your palate.

Proportion: Two shots of soju + half a glass of juice

There you go, nine ways to create soju cocktails that’ll impress your drinking kakis! Which is your favourite?