Take A Bite Of Durian Lava Chicken Nuggets In A Snack Platter Exclusively At KFC China

It’s no surprise that KFC branches around the world are constantly coming up with new creations to satisfy their consumer base.

This time, KFC China has announced the launch of its newest addition to the family—Durian Lava Chicken Nuggets 榴莲爆浆鸡块 (RMB11.50 for 4 pieces).

Online Kfc Durian Nuggets 1

It is nice to see KFC China incorporating the iconic king of fruits into something that would make Singaporeans jealous.

The ad was first seen on China’s social media platform, Weibo, and some locals have tasted it and given their testimonies online.

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Online reviews expressed their worries when they first heard of the launch, thinking it might turn out unpleasant. However, they were surprised at how fragrant the snack was. They also mentioned that the ratio of chicken to durian is balanced, and urged everyone to try it themselves.

Online Kfc Durian Nuggets 3

The durian lava easily oozes out when you apply some pressure on it, similar to a lava custard bun 流沙包.

Online Kfc Durian Nuggets 4

This is available as an a la carte snack, though customers can also get it in a Snack Platter (RMB39 for a la carte, RMB59 with a meal) with four other snacks.

Friends and family in China, try it first and let us know your thoughts on it. We’ll just be here praying real hard that it’ll make its way to Singapore in the near future.

Who wants to join me in a petition to bring this product to Singapore?

Dates & Times: Available now at all KFC China Outlets and website

Prices: RMB11.50 onwards