泰 Fantastic Thai Market Singapore: 1 Day Thai-Themed Market With Trendy Foods To Indulge On 12 Sep

Last Updated: September 10, 2016

Written by Matthew Leu

Fantastic Thai Market Poster

This 12th of September 2016, on Hari Raya Haji, Tanjong Pagar Railway station will be whisking people away from 10am till late. Destination? Thailand. Well, figuratively, because they are bringing the feels and vibes of Thailand to our doorsteps.  

泰 Fantastic Thai Market will play host to over 100 vendors, with a number of them serving up — if you haven’t already figured — Thai inspired foods as the name of the event suggests.

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Organized by Fleawhere in conjunction with the Singapore Land Authority, it’s speculated to be the last event at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station’s Swansong before its closure at the end of the year.

With partner Kombi Rocks bringing their vintage cars down and Kerbside Gourmet, the official food truck for the event whipping up Thai fare, this will be an event for the both senses and to load up on your social media feeds.

Thai-themed with live bands, this will be an assault on the senses. Toe the line between being overwhelmed and being uptight, here are some vendors to check out, a checklist of sorts to give a little focus on what’s buzzing. Of which, some inspired by Thai street foods, and others too creative and fantastic to ignore.

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1. Ice Cream Rollies by Mak Mak 

Mak Mak

Not too long ago ice cream rolls were the hottest, no pun intended, and latest food trend. Now, it is a quintessential part of the country’s street food.

Look forward to deep orange Thai milk tea and coconut sticky rice ice cream rolls amongst other flavours. These sweet treats will have you beat the heat while strolling your way around the market all day. Or you could spend the day watching the rapid chopping, squashing, flattening and scraping fast actions of the vendors.

2. Technicoloured Thai Iced Milk Tea/Coffee by Soi 55


Adding variety to the flavours and colours associated with Thai milk tea is Soi 55. With their Thai milk green tea, Coffee and sans-milk options, picking your beverage of choice has just became a harder. You’ll just want to have them all.

If committing to one is too difficult a decision to make, simply get your friends down together so you could buy all the different flavours, though probably at the expense of having a caffeine overload.

3. Big Bags of Tea by Aroi Nae Nae


More Thai milk tea goodness and caffeine…I meat a lot more. Aroi Nae Nae brings the latest trend in street food packaging — think big ziplock bags, you never knew you wanted one till they popped up all around Instagram. Think IV drip minus the needles, you’ll have Thai milk tea coursing through for the day.

4. Wicked Mallows by The Wicked Cream Co.


You won’t find wicked mallows in extra-large plastic bags. Instead, these handmade gourmet marshmallows come in carefully and probably, perfectly cut cubes that are skewered on a stick for easy consumption. They’ll be gone in a jiffy, so there’s no need for a bag to pack them.

Wicked mallows come in a flavours like charcoal lemonade, chocolate ferrero, and what I reckon is the weirdest but, most wonderful, salted egg skewered with fried fish skin!! Don’t miss this stall.

5. Rain Drop Cakes by O’ Rain Drop Cake


The only rain that’ll be at 泰 Fantastic Thai Market (hopefully) will be these translucent orbs that have captured the attention of many on the internet. If you’ve been looking to give them a try here’s your chance.

Light and delicate, with almost no taste on its own, it’s served with soybean flour and a syrup which gives it flavour and a contrast in texture. Do remember to snap a picture for your Instagram feed before eating it though. This is one dish that’s almost too pretty to consume.

As the day winds down, and you still find yourself wide-eyed and all too awake, perhaps from the copious amount of Thai milk tea, a movie screening awaits those who stay into the night.

Check out 泰 Fantastic Thai Market’s Facebook page for more details and be sure to get your friends down for one last hurrah at the iconic Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

泰 Fantastic Thai Market: Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, 30 Keppel Rd, Singapore 089059 | 12 September 2016 | 10am – Late

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