FiSK Seafoodbar & Market: Dive Into Norwegian Seafood Dishes At The New Novotel Singapore On Stevens

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If you’re wondering what’s in store for you at the new Novotel Singapore on Stevens, then you’ll be elated to know that it’s caught a hold of the hottest catch in town. FiSK Seafoodbar & Market is born out of Norwegian pride and Viking spirit, as Chef Markus Dybward serves not only fresh Nordic dishes from the sea, but also sustainable produce that will help you dine with a conscience.


The space is shared with their market, which houses Nordic products as well as fresh seafood, along with gourmet items that aren’t easily found on our little island.

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On the other hand, the dining area, is a 44-seater space cosy and warm, with dining options that will allow you to sit right up front where the live action of the talented chefs take place, from prepping to plating.

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For this session, we were given a mix of dishes from both the lunch and dinner menu to allow us to have an overall impression of the type of cuisine they serve here.

To start, we had Prawns On Ice ($6 per 100g), with boiled Greenland prawns that were amazingly succulent and bouncy that you could eat the entire thing, shell and all (minus the head, of course)!

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Next, we were served an Open-Face Smørrebrød Sandwich ($6 per piece with smoked mackerel, $7 per piece with Greenland prawns). We had it with smoked mackerel, and the intense smokiness resulted in a rich, savoury side that is sure to whet your appetite.

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We moved on to Smoked Salmon, “Pulpit Rock” ($10.50 for lunch, $18 for dinner), with generous thick slices of house-smoked salmon, served with a side of scrambled eggs and house-made flatbread.

It’s safe to say, I don’t think I’ve had smoked salmon with its aroma wafting through the nose so distinctively. It was powerful and draws you in for more. The contrasting textures create great balance and depth as well.

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This next starter is an interesting one. The Hand-dived Raw Scallop ($26.50) may seem a little off-putting for those not fans of uncooked food, but this one is a must-try. It’s also inspired by CEO of Snorre Food and owner of Fisk, Frank Naesheim’s favourite cocktail, gin & tonic.

The raw scallop is served with juniper, fennel, calamansi, wakame powder and microcress, giving the single-serving bite a citrusy tone to complement the fatty crustacean.

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I loved the presentation of the next dish, which resembled a bed of pebbles. Just be sure to look out for the edible pieces, which are actually Fried Herring ($3.50 per piece).

The dill-marinated pickled Norwegian herring are deep-fried with sourdough batter, finished with dried dill powder, lemon zest and lemon thyme. Crunchy, not greasy at all, and full-flavoured. If these came in a bag, I’d be poppin’ them like popcorn at the movies!

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A warm dish was next, and it was easily hands down everyone’s favourite dish of the evening. It may look deceptively simple, but mind-blowingly rich and satisfying.

The Creamed Fish & Shellfish Soup ($7.50 for half portion, $12.50 for full portion) is an absolute winner with the use of Atlantic cod, Norwegian salmon, carrots, celeriac and leeks. In fact, the base stock is made from the bones of white fish, langoustine and lobster shells, resulting in an exceptional and unforgettable hearty soup.

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Our largest dish yet, was the Hot-Smoked Greenland Halibut ($35 per person), served with a side of Norwegian almond potatoes and roasted cauliflower and asparagus. The accompanying sauce was quite unique, made with pearl couscous, trout roe and horseradish.

The fish is fatty and oily, so it’ll leave you with a heavy mouthfeel. However, the sauce perfectly cuts into the heaviness and lends some saltiness in the process.

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For dessert, we had two very different options: Uni Ice Cream ($16) and Sour Cream Mousse ($14). I was very apprehensive about the Uni Ice Cream, and I was right (at least in my books).

Made with neri uni (preserved salted uni) from Japan, I reckon it’s meant as an alternative to salted caramel, but the savoury element didn’t do much for my taste. It was quite briny yet sweet, so I was left pretty confused and not a fan of it at all.

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On the flip side, the Sour Cream Mousse ($14) was a better delight, as the recipe of frozen whipped sour cream, whipped cream and Italian meringue was nicely complemented with the innovative use of the strawberry consomme, preserved lemon and basil oil. Although the basil is quite distinct on the nose, it’s a welcome reprieve from the fat in the sour cream.

FiSK Seafoodbar & Market will quickly be a favourite amongst fans of what the sea can offer. It offers diners some of the freshest cold water fishes and crustaceans in modern Nordic-inspired recipes, which isn’t something you get everywhere in Singapore.

As for me, I would return just to have a full solo serving of the Creamed Fish & Shellfish Soup on a rainy day, because I highly doubt any other place cod do better.

Expected damage: $40 – $100 per pax

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FiSK Seafoodbar & Market: 30 Stevens Road #01-01, Singapore 257840 | Tel: +65 6732 0711 | Opening hours: (Monday) 11.30am – 7pm, (Tuesday to Saturday) 11.30am – 4.30pm, 6pm – 10pm, (Sunday) 11.30am – 7pm | Website | Facebook