Boston Seafood Shack: Singapore Food Review

“New player in casual seafood dining”Boston seafood shack

Boston Seafood shack is a relatively new casual seafood concept housed in Star Vista mall, brought to you by Creative Eateries, the same people behind famous local chains like Bangkok Jam and Siam kitchen. Boston Seafood Shack looks poised to compete against the big shots like Fish & Co and Manhattan Fish Market.

I’m going to be perfectly honest with my readers; prior to the tasting session at Boston Seafood Shack, I did some online research on the restaurant and boy, were the results far from flattering. If you looked up, you’d probably still see the nasty reviews up there. I promised myself as a food writer that I will never sugar coat a truly bad experience, if not that defeats the point of a review. This might be awkward hmm.

Nonetheless, one of the main reasons why they invited food blogger Melissa ( who in turn brought me along is because Boston Seafood Shack has committed to change. The previous service crew team has been served fried cuttlefish (fired), the head chef has been replaced and the recipes have been tweaked. Even the ordering format has changed from a fast-food counter style to table menu ordering like a proper restaurant. These guys are serious about getting back on track.

Meeting the chirpy PR team of Reza and Eileen, I’m glad the experience started out well with these amicable fellows. The restaurant interior is clean, brightly lit with a lot of natural sunlight from the glass windows, and has a casual nautical theme associated with western seafood.

So how does the food measure up?
white wine mussels and clams


First up were portions of Mussels/Clams with Garlic Bread ($12). These came with spicy white wine broth, a very classic seafood dish and loads of garlic. The white wine reduction was pretty well done, not tasting any of the alcohol and pairing well with the shellfish. The ample diced garlic and spice made sure there was not much oceanic taste from the clams/mussels. My only gripe is that the serving pot was not wide enough, and wanting to dip garlic bread in the white wine sauce below all the clams/mussels proved as challenging as wrestling a polar bear.

softshell crab boston seafood shack


Crispy Soft Shell crab ($11). Paired with lobster sauce. This was absolutely value for money, getting TWO crabs at $11. Usual Japanese restaurants probably do the same tempura soft shell crab in the range of $8-$10 for ONE. So getting this is quite worth the money. The crab is crispy and batter is fragrant akin to tempura. Douse it with the lobster sauce to get a nice compliment of crispiness and wet seafood flavours with each bite.

wild snapper boston seafood shack


What American seafood restaurant is complete without Fish and chips? Melissa, a.k.a the bottomless pit, ordered the Wild Snapper Premium batter fish and chips ($14). I’ve to say, the fish is pretty… normal. Nothing really exciting about the red snapper, but nothing really bad either.

Boston seafood bucket


Boston Seafood Bucket ($17).  A fried mix of calamari, oysters, prawns and fish and chips. Eating the entire bucket can get a bit repetitive on the palate, with every item fried in the same batter and giving similar textures. The portion’s pretty big though and the price is quite reasonable.

Boston seafood shack lobstah roll


Boston Premium Lobstah Roll ($14). Oh yea, the photo looks as good as it tastes. This was my favourite item at Boston Seafood Shack. The lobster chunks were huge in this bun roll and the creamy lobster mayonnaise sauce was refreshing after all the fried goods. The lobster wasn’t shredded finely and served with loads of mayonnaise to musk the lack of meat like other places do to save cost. This is the star buy here.

Boston seafood shack grilled seafood platter


Seafood Grilled Platter ($24). Grilled red snapper, prawns, calamari, corn and buttered rice. Compared to the fried seafood bucket, this provided much more variety in taste and texture combining fried and grilled elements with staple rice. I felt the snapper wasn’t fresh enough though, as grilled seafood needs to be really fresh to bring out the natural flavours. Compared to Fish & Co’s seafood platter which no doubt everyone will use as a gauge, this dish still has improvements to make.

boston seafood shack pasta


From top: Baked Seafood Marinara pasta ($14), Crabmeat Porcini Cream Sauce pasta ($14). I was really full by this point, but the bottomless pit somehow managed 2 more pastas. The seafood marinara sauce tasted like the cook misread 2 teaspoons of basil as 2 barrels. The herbs were just too overpowering and I hope this was a one off mistake.

The Crabmeat Porcini was a completely different experience, with generous amounts of crab meat mixed with springy porcini mushrooms and light, tasty cream sauce. This was a pretty good pasta even after so much food.

boston seafood shack cheescake


Half and half cheesecake ($6). It’s called ‘half and half’ because half of it is made with yoghurt, and half with cream cheese. I didn’t have much expectations ordering dessert here, but I am pleasantly surprised that the home-made cheesecake is really delicious. The yoghurt and cream cheese makes it extra tart and sweet. Could have used sweeter strawberries though (like Korean ones), as there was already too much sourness going around. Good dessert.

There were a few hits and misses at Boston Seafood Shack, and I am glad to say that this restaurant is not as bad as the internet puts it out to be. They had a rocky start, but not now anyway. I can’t comment much on the service as it definitely wasn’t the usual standard with the company PR people there. Some of the dishes like the Lobstah Roll and Crispy Soft Shell crab have very generous portions and serve value for money. If you eat with an unbiased stomach, Boston Seafood Shack is worth a try when you’re in the area. Easy to find seats here as well.

Expected damage if you eat normally: $20-$30 per pax

Boston Seafood Shack: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-46, Star Vista mall, Singapore 138617 | Website

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