foodpanda: 5 non-fast food options at up to 50% off for your NYE 2023 party

Celebrating NYE 2023 at home with the best people you know? We know fast-food is your party go-to but how about a new you for the new year? Here are 5 of the best non-fast-food delivery choices on foodpanda! Enjoy up to 50% off selected restaurants (food delivery) until 31 Dec 2022!

Bakalaki Greek Taverna – 30% off

Renowned for its health benefits, Greek cuisine is the answer if you are planning to eat to your heart’s content during the new year celebrations without sabotaging your 2023 resolutions. Bakalaki is probably the best Greek restaurant in Singapore to get your fix as well as a great deal.

foodpanda NYE offer - Bakalaki Greek Taverna
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Horiatiki (S$25.57) is the perfect start (or end) to your Greek meal. This traditional Greek salad of tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, oregano, kalamata olives, feta cheese & extra virgin olive oil is crunch and flavour galore.

For even more authentic Mediterranean flavour, go for the exotic Taramosalata (S$18.08) spread of white cod roe or classic crowd-pleaser Hummus (S$17.01) as your meze.

Follow up with Pastitsio (S$29.85) from the Sto Fourno (From the Oven) section or Xifias (S$39.48), which is grilled swordfish skewers & potato salad, ideal for sharing.

Also great for parties is the Greek version of satay, Kalamaki Merida. Your choices of Chicken Skewers (S$28.78) and Beef Skewers (S$30.92) come with tomato, onion, tzatziki dip, pita bread and fries.

Enjoy 30% off with a minimum spend of S$55 at Bakalaki Greek Taverna.

Crystal Jade – 15% off 

Missing traditional food after the Christmas turkey overload? Crystal Jade is the answer.

foodpanda NYE offer - Crystal Jade
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Start with the tried-and-tested Steamed Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (S$10.03) that young and old alike will savour. Also very popular are the Braised Seafood With Bean Curd (S$22.78) and Fried Rice With Prawn, Chicken And Ham (S$13.43).

Perhaps best for gatherings, Crystal Jade’s Bento Set (S$18.79) includes Chilled Black Fungus tossed with Aged Vinegar, Sauteed Shanghai Green with Mushroom, and Fried Rice with Fish Meat and Egg White. You also get a choice of Sauteed Sliced Beef with Onion, Shallot and Scallion; Braised Beancurd with Seafood and Assorted Mushroom; and Sauteed Pork Ribs with Sweet and Sour Sauce.

There is also the choice of a Vegetarian Bento Set (S$16.83). It replaces the meat, egg and seafood from the regular bento with spring onion, garlic, sauteed assorted vegetables and la mian with scallion oil.

Enjoy 15% off a minimum spend of $40 at Crystal Jade.

Hungry Thai – 25% off 

Hungry Thai for hungry Singaporeans! 

foodpanda NYE offer - Hungry Thai
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Parties are synonymous with finger foods and Hungry Thai doesn’t disappoint in that regard. Our picks are Thai Fish Cake (S$7.60), Vegetable Spring Roll (S$9.60), Deep-fried Tofu with Thai Chilli Sauce (S$8.60), Green Mango Salad (S$7.60) and Minced Pork Salad (S$8.60). Get one of each and your party will be off to a great start!

The fragrant Chicken Coconut Soup (S$10.60) is wonderful in the end-year rainy weather. You could also go for the classic Thai favourite of Tom Yum Soup (S$10.60).

Keep to the theme with Tom Yum Fried Rice (S$7.50) for your main. A wonderful alternative is the Green Curry Fried Chicken Rice (S$7.50).

The Deep-fried Pork (S$8.60) platter and Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts (S$10.30) is for the meat lovers. If you want a balanced diet, add the delicious Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce (S$8.90) and Stir-fried Petai with Prawn and Minced Chicken (S$10.90).

Enjoy 25% off a minimum spend of $25 at Hungry Thai.

Nenek Recipe – 20% off

Nenek Recipe is Indonesian cuisine done right for those on a budget.

foodpanda NYE offer - Nenek Recipe
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For familiar and delicious flavours, we recommend the Ayam Penyet (S$9.50), which is ‘smashed’ fried chicken served with lovely sambal. Toss something a little different into the mix with Nasi Sambal Goreng (S$7.50)— the Indo-style fried beancurd, chilli squid and sambal tumis are the perfect trio.

We also love the tasty chaos that is rojak! Rojak Tahu (S$5) is fried beancurd in special peanut sauce, garnished with bean sprouts and shredded cucumber. They also have a Thai Style Tahu (S$5) where the fried beancurd is slathered in Thai chilli sauce and served with shredded onion and carrot instead.

A novel twist on our chicken rice, Lemon Chicken Rice/Noodles (S$8.20) takes crispy breaded chicken and tops it with lemon sauce. If you or any of your guests haven’t had Bandung (S$2.50), correct that grievous mistake on NYE— you’ll thank us for the tip.

Enjoy 20% off a minimum spend of $25 at Nenek Recipe.

Pangat Indian Cuisine – 25% off 

Fancy a spice kick?? Let Pangat Indian Cuisine do the honours!

foodpanda NYE offer - Pangat Indian Cuisine
Credit – foodpanda

Our pick of their vegetarian starters is the famous street food of Pav Bhaji (S$7), which is butter toasted buns stuffed with spicy mixed vegetables. A nice alternative is the oversized Channa Batura (S$7)— the chickpea curry served with the fried bread is divine.

Non-vegetarians will love the Chilli Chicken (S$9.50), where boneless chicken coated with flour is cooked crisp with chilli and sauce.

Pangat Indian Cuisine’s Family Packs are a convenient NYE option if you are having trouble deciding from the a la carte menu. You have 3 choices: Vegetable Biryani with Naan Combo (S$45), Chicken Dum Biryani with Naan Combo (S$49) and Mutton Dum Biryani with Naan Combo (S$53).

The first comes with 3 vegetarian paneer dum biryani, the second with 3 chicken dum biryani and the third, 3 mutton dum biryani. Each set also comes with 2 garlic naan/butter naan/tandoori roti, paneer butter masala, 4 gulab jamoon & 2 mango lassis

Enjoy 25% off a minimum spend of $20 at Pangat Indian Cuisine.

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