FroRoll: This Volcanic Avalanche & Other Instagram-Worthy Desserts Are Perfect For Sharing In Potong Pasir

Last Updated: September 10, 2017

Written by Sophie Ng

If you were born in the same era as me, the singing competition Campus Superstar is probably a Singaporean TV programme that you’re very familiar with. Season 2’s finalist Keely Wee has recently branched out from singing, to open her very own dessert shop, FroRoll.

Froroll 1

FroRoll, located in the heart of Potong Pasir, aims to provide artisanal desserts that are not only a representation of old school desserts, but also new, innovative ones that are perfect for sharing.

Froroll 2

The shop is fairly spacious, with an open counter where you can see the friendly staff make your ice cream rolls from scratch. Yes, desserts here are also made-to-order!

Froroll 4

There is also a small display counter of the various cakes baked daily in-house, and the speciality drinks that come in a cute light bulb container.

Froroll 13

The only thing prettier than the desserts would probably be the lady boss. If you were a great fan of Keely Wee during her Campus Superstar days, it’s time to visit her shop!

She’s in the shop daily and if you’re lucky, she might be the one making your ice cream rolls for you.

Froroll 9

The speciality light bulb fruit teas are also made fresh daily, and there are currently two flavours on the menu.

The Summer in Ceylon ($4.80) on the left is made with a mixture of mango and lychee concentrate and Ceylon tea, with nata de coco. The drink was very tangy and refreshing but would have been even better if it was served ice cold. (The drinks were only slightly cold).

My Fair Lady ($4.80) on the right, comes in a pretty shade of red, with peach concentrate in hibiscus tea and chia seeds. We mainly tasted the peach, and the chia seeds added good texture. This drink definitely tasted healthy!

Froroll 6

Bringing us back to the 1980s, the Back To Basics menu puts a modern twist on the $1 ice cream that you can get from the Uncle at the pushcarts. Instead of the rainbow bread, a sausage roll is used, and lots of fancy ingredients are added to give that extra oomph.

The Strawberry Shawty ($10.80) has strawberry ice cream rolls served in a sausage roll, before being topped with a strawberry jello cheesecake bar, digestive biscuit crumbs and a florentine cookie.

Froroll 8

This dessert was surprisingly light, with a variety of textures. The ice cream rolls were very creamy and not icy, and the florentine cookie added a depth of flavour with crisp, nutty caramel edges.

Froroll 1

Another crowd favourite, we also had to try the Caramel Sweetheart ($10.80). We swapped the sausage roll for a taco waffle shell for an additional $0.50. 

Comprising salted caramel ice cream rolls, salted caramel sauce, a homemade cheesecake bar, salted chocolate truffles and a chewy caramel cookie, this dish is for those with a sweeter tooth.

Froroll 12

Every Instagrammer’s money shot — the molten pull. The cookies were of the crispy type, with a molten caramel centre.

Froroll 11

The waffle taco shell was buttery and crunchy, and able to retain its shape even after the ice cream rolls melted. The ice cream rolls were quite sweet though, and it would have been nice to have a tad more of a salty taste.

Froroll 15

From the Extravaganza menu, this Volcanic Avalanche ($15.80) was definitely a sight to behold. When it arrived, everyone at the table was definitely impressed. FroRoll’s Volcanic Avalanche comes with a dark chocolate shell encasing raspberry chocolate lava cake and vanilla ice cream rolls.

If that didn’t sound decadent enough, the circumference of the Volcano is covered with homemade croutons, granola and brownies as ‘rock sediments’.

Froroll 17

Not only was it pretty to look at, it was also a very fun dessert to have. Get your spoons ready, it’s time to get cracking.

Froroll 3 Froroll 19

The vanilla ice cream rolls paired well with the raspberry lava cake, and all the additional toppings added not only flavour but also crunch and texture.

We loved how dark chocolate was used for the chocolate shell, thus giving the dessert more dimensions and not just sweet on sweet on sweet.

Froroll 14

You could also be more violent and have an abstract art piece in front of you by the end of it. For $15.80, we all agreed that this dessert was very worth the money, and would happily return just to have it.

Froroll 21

No, this is not the usual dirt cake dessert you see everywhere else. Although the presentation seems similar, this Berry Rosy Flower Pot ($15.80) comes layered with strawberry ice cream, pound cake, homemade strawberry compote, butter cookie crumbs, lemon curd, chantilly creme and Oreo crumbs.

Mini shovels were also given here instead of spoons, so we could dig our way through the dessert easily.

Froroll 23

This dessert features layers of refreshing flavours, with the pound cake, cookie crumbs and ice cream, so make sure you dig deep and get every layer in one bite!

The desserts here were definitely worth it for their prices and perfect for sharing. Plus, they were ALL super Instagram-worthy! Get a few friends together and drop by FroRoll for your sweet fix!

Expected damage: $10 – $20 per pax 

FroRoll: 2 Tai Thong Crescent, The Venue Shoppes #01-26, Singapore | Tel: +65 9776 5727 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11am – 11pm | Facebook

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