Geometry: Interesting Ice Cream Flavours Served On A French Tart With Salted Caramel Floss

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Located in Bukit Merah, right beside ABC Brickworks and a short walk from IKEA Alexandra, Geometry is an ice cream cafe that serves amazing ice cream and coffee.

Geometry exudes a rustic and homey feel with its simplistic furniture and decor, where you can take in the atmosphere, kick back and relax in this quaint cafe.

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Geometry serves up quality treats at affordable prices! Here’s where you can find freshly made ice cream at $3.20 a scoop (add $0.70 for premium flavours). For take-away, you can even pick up a 650ml tub ($13 for standard flavours, $17 for premium flavours).

Aside from the relatively affordable prices, the flavours at geometry change pretty often — return the next week and you may stumble upon a new flavour. If you like a certain flavour, make a call to check for availability to avoid disappointment.

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Say goodbye to the typical molten lava cakes, cookies, other varieties, and welcome the French Tart ($9.90 with single scoop).

The brain child of owners Emma and Jeslyn, the tart has a decadent, almond filling surrounded by a buttery crust. Served with a salted caramel floss nestled on top of the ice cream, prepare your palate for an intriguing treat.

Eating the ice cream together with the warm tart base is a pleasure for the senses. The crumbly pastry is a perfect complement to the creamy ice cream, while the floss adds a sweet and crunchy element.

I chose the Aloha which is a rough mix of coconut and mango-passionfruit sorbet. The tartness of the sorbet cuts through the richness of the tart, preventing you from feeling too jelak. I tend to avoid sorbets in fear of them being too icy and crystallised, but this one was luscious and smooth.

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The Belgian waffle ($8.50 with single scoop) is crispy, fluffy and golden brown — all that you could ask for in a perfect waffle. Served with syrup by the side and ice cream, this waffle is not one to be missed.

I had the waffle with the Earl Grey Tie Guan Yin ice cream, a rather unorthodox flavour. However, I felt that the fusion of the Chinese and Western tea works harmoniously to strike a balance between the two flavours.

The Tie Guan Yin mellows out the strong taste of the Earl Grey and provides a subtle, sweet aftertaste. This seemingly rich ice cream is actually very refreshing that is gentle on the palate. Tea lovers, this is one for you!

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The Hojicha ice cream, is a unique flavour not commonly seen in ice cream shops around Singapore. Hojicha is made from green tea roasted over a charcoal fire, which gives the tea a complex depth of flavour present in Geometry’s rendition of this ice cream.

The taste is reminiscent of a Hojicha tea latte but with a creamier consistency. So, if you are a fan of the drink or want to explore the realm of unknown flavours, get a scoop today!

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Finally, the Bing Bong, named after the adorable, pink character in Pixar’s Inside Out, is Geometry’s very own rendition of your childhood ice cream, Paddle Pop. The toffee-flavoured ice cream is surely one to catch the eye of kids (and kids at heart).

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Get your ice cream fix at Geometry, with their unique ice cream flavours, coupled with a cosy and snug interior. The level of customer service here is truly exceptional, with warm, friendly staff attending to you.

Psst, ask for their secret menu, it includes an Affogato Sundae which looks exceptional.

Expected damage: $3.20 – $10/pax

Geometry: 2 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-5142 S150002|Tel: 6255 6366|Email: [email protected]|Facebook|Instagram

Operating Hours: Sun – Thu : 12pm – 9.30pm Fri, Sat, Eve of P.H. : 12pm – 11pm Closed on Wed