Grab’s new Coconut Bobastic collab with Playmade features limited edition coconut drinks

We’ve faced the dilemma of choosing between a refreshing cup of coconut shake or creamy milk tea that’s practically a guaranteed mood booster especially when the sun’s blazing. The new Coconut Bobastic series launched by Playmade, in collaboration with Grab, gives you the best of both worlds and is perfect for beating the humidity—rejoice!

group shot of playmade drinks

This limited-edition line will be available until 31 December 2021 and features four exciting new iterations of Grab-exclusive coconut drinks. If you’re an avid coconut-shake fan who’s queued for an ice-cold cup, this one will definitely top your to-try list. 

hand holding coconut smoothie 

If you’re the type with a sweet tooth craving that’s out of this world, then more is more. I opted for the addition of Coconut Boba (from +S$1.20) to my Coconut Tea Smoothie (from S$4.50), and if you do the same, thank me later. This one combines the two perennial favourites of every Singaporean—coconut shake and milk tea—and the resulting taste is one that’s creamy and sweet, accompanied by a subtle bitterness from the tea leaves.

I’ll admit that there’s quite a lot going on with the smoothie, tea, and boba, but this one’s a good contender if you’re stopping by Playmade to beat the midday slump.

a photo of coconut smoothie 

The star of the show was undeniably the good ol’ Coconut Smoothie (from S$4.40). No afternoon heat would be able to ruin my good mood if I had this in hand. Just like the Coconut Tea Smoothie, this one was aromatic and refreshing. The Coconut Boba made a reappearance, and as I’m typing this, I’m eagerly awaiting the next time I get to sip on another one of Grab x Playmade’s exclusive Coconut Smoothies.

a photo of coconut milk tea from playmade

The Grab-exclusive Coconut Milk Tea (from S$4.30) was the one that caught my eye first. Playmade definitely hit the bullseye with this one—there’s the characteristic creamy smoothness in the drink, though the tea helps to prevent it from becoming too overwhelming.

I never would’ve thought to mix coconut with milk tea, and until I tried this, it felt like the two would be best enjoyed separately. Needless to say, this did a pretty number on my tastebuds, which was a huge win for me, and even more so with the addition of the Coconut Boba. 

a photo of coconut tea 

If you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing, the Coconut Tea (from S$4.60) will be the top pick. We recommend adding Basil Seeds (from +S$1), which gives your aromatic brew an elevated texture. Playmade’s concoction carries a subtle fruitiness, and the basil seeds are a great substitute if you’re not into chewy tapioca pearls.

It’s the healthiest option on the roster, since basil seeds are a good source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and especially if you opt for less or no sugar.

a group shot of playmade coconut shakes 

These refreshing flavours are Grab-exclusive, which means that they are only available via Grab: you can either order through GrabFood or purchase at Playmade outlets and make payment with GrabPay. BBT lovers can also #GetToThePoints and earn up to 2% back in GrabRewards points whenever they complete a GrabPay transaction!

Place your order for these refreshing drinks here

*This post is brought to you in partnership with GrabFood.

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