Hei Sushi launches the first Halal sushi vending machine in the world at NUS

It’s common to hear uni students bemoan the lack of variety when it comes to school food; perfectly understandable, considering that most of us are faced with the same options every weekday for years. NUS students, this one’s for you— Hei Sushi has recently launched a Halal sushi vending machine that’s the first of its kind in the world.

a photo of a sushi vending machine

Don’t worry about whether you’ll be getting fresh sushi or not— the folks at Hei Sushi will replace the food in the sushi vending machine every four hours. Rushing for a lecture but need something to fight off the hunger pangs until dinnertime? You’ll know where to go.

a photo of hei sushi

Hei Sushi opened their sushi vending machine in collaboration with One Halal Nation, and it is currently located in U-Town’s Education Resource Centre. It boasts more than 40 varieties of sushi, which hungry students can pick up with a wait time of just a few seconds.

The sushi in the vending machines range from S$2.75 to S$5+, an affordable option for students trying to stick to their budgets. It also includes fresh salads for those who want a healthier option.

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