Huber’s Butchery’s Marinated Turkey for Christmas in Singapore

“Easy Turkey Roasting this Christmas”

Turkey Main

So the countdown to Christmas has begun. To me, Christmas is about spending time with family and loved ones, over a hearty home made meal. I love hosting parties, and no festive gathering is complete without a roast bird centrepiece.

But the one thing I really hate as a host is roasting the turkey. Doing everything from scratch is a viable option…. but the day only has 24 hours and I have other things to fuss over. What about buying a pre-made one? I simply refuse to pay exorbitant delivery charges on the eve and day itself.

This year, Huber’s Butchery has solved this very pressing issue by introducing a pre-marinated and stuffed turkey, all ready for roasting. It is so easy to prepare, and saves time by eliminating the brining and marinating steps. This leaves more time for last minute Christmas shopping and that beer.

Turkey Packaging

The turkey from Huber’s Butchery is stuffed with chicken and mushroom, and is marinated before being vacuum sealed. An additional pack of gizzards were given too but I decided to give that a miss since none of us liked spare parts.

If you decide to keep the bird for a couple days, do keep in mind that once frozen, the turkey would take a few days to thaw in your refrigerator. The general rule is 24 hours per 5lbs of turkey! Mine took approximately 2 days. You can order the turkey either in chilled form or frozen form from Huber’s.

Pre-Cooked huber's roasted turkey

Off my bird goes into the oven for a roast. Save the liquid from the bag in a measuring cup so you can baste the turkey every 30-45 minutes or so to maintain its moistness.

Quick, painless and easy! Now to carve that turkey…..

Cooked toasted turkey from huber's singapore

The best part about the whole experience is how there’s absolutely no mess (unless you’re a klutz at pouring liquids). The meat is very tender and full of flavour. It is surprisingly not dry and the stuffing tastes just as great. The only downside is that there is no gravy and you have to buy or make your own. But with all that time saved, what is making a little extra gravy? This is as fresh as it gets for Christmas in Singapore.

Turkey from Huber’s Butchery starts from $50 depending on size and there are many variations available to suit your needs. Stuffing starts at $17/piece. Additional delivery charges apply. This year, Huber’s butchery has produced a special dried fruit stuffing in conjunction with Chef Patrick Heuberger. Their Christmas Catalogue may be viewed here.

Christmas Orders close on the 16th of December 2014, and feel free to approach their Butchers for tips, recipes and suggestions for your party. Happy Holidays!

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