IRVINS x Pezzo: Pizza for salted egg lovers

I love salted egg. It’s no secret. For those who’ve read my salted egg showdown just a few weeks back, you’ll know that my obsession with all things salted egg knows no boundaries, and that’s why this IRVINS Salted Egg Pizza demands a try from me. 

We are in no way at a shortage of funky pizza variations. Pizza Hut’s recent Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza already jolted us with its courageous pairings of boba, marshmallows, and cheese. This time, Pezzo hops in the ring with a collaboration with the proud purveyor of salted egg goodies, IRVINS. Will this spanking new product also be #dangerouslyaddictive? Let’s find out.

Image of takeaway box for IRVINS x Pezzo Salted Egg Pizza

My takeaway slice of the IRVINS Salted Egg Pizza (S$6.90 for a slice, S$35.90 for a pan) arrives in yellow-and-black fashion, and it suffices to say I’m brimming with excitement. Yes, each slice is decked out with sprinklings of crumbled IRVINS Fish Skin, all atop a cheese-laden pizza crust. 

Top-down shot of IRVINS salted egg pizza

The textures here are pretty addictive, boasting the crunch from the bits of fish skin and Pezzo’s soft, bready crusts. Its flavours are unabashed as well, where you get the sweet-savoury bursts of salted egg seasoning to reinforce the salty, creamy bites of mozzarella cheese. The bits of fish skin are scarce, though, and I desperately wish for more generosity with these crispy morsels of goodness.

Close-up shot of IRVINS pizza

Would I indulge in this on a daily? Probably not, lest I don’t mind consuming all those calories. But I’m happy to report that this IRVINS Salted Egg Pizza is indeed quite tasty. Now, I don’t know if it is certifiably #dangerouslyaddictive, but I can see its appeal to all the salted egg lovers out there. 

If you’re looking to share this salted egg goodness with friends and family, the Salted Egg Boss Bundle (S$52.90) provides one pan (6 slices) of the IRVINS Salted Egg Pizza, along with four drumlets, four wings, and four cans of coke. It’s a killer pairing for movie night, in my opinion. Just remember to drink lots of water afterwards.

Date & Time: Available from 4 March 2021 onwards at all Pezzo outlets or through GrabFood

Price: S$6.90 per slice of IRVINS Salted Egg Pizza, S$35.90 per pan (six slices)