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(CLOSED) JiakPaLang: Change Up Your Palate With Innovative Mod-Sin Zi Char Dishes Crafted By Chef Nixon Low At Alexandra Road

Last Updated: March 7, 2018

Written by Ynez Wahab

Jiak Pa Lang 1

JiakPaLang Eating House certainly caught my attention with its innovative mod-sin dishes and Hokkien slang for a name. 

Helmed by chef Nixon Low who was previously from Portico, you’ll find that a twist has been implemented to all of the local dishes to shake things up a little. Injecting a tinge of creativity really does make all the difference. 

Jiak Pa Lang 2

If you happen to pop by during lunchtime, you should definitely go for the Sesame Soy Chicken ($6.90), which is one of the signature rice bowls on their menu. This ang moh style chicken rice is served with chicken breast prepared using the sous vide method, making it absolutely tender and succulent. 

To top it off, marinated wood ear mushrooms and sweet pomegranate seeds are added to spruce up the bowl with an extra crunch. Don’t forget to break open the wobbly onsen egg to drench the brown rice in some creamy goodness!

Jiak Pa Lang 3

Part of the dinner crowd? Be sure to order some of the starters to begin your meal. For a refreshing appetiser, try the Sour Plum Vine Tomatoes with Seaweed ($7). Chilled and marinated in a good amount of vinaigrette, the juicy tomatoes and side of seaweed are guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds. 

Jiak Pa Lang 4

For something more savoury, opt for the Silken Tofu, Century Egg Sauce & Tobiko ($7) that’s inspired by the traditional century egg tofu dish. While I’m not a huge fan of century egg itself, I found that the sauce really did complement the silky tofu and tobiko garnished on top.

Jiak Pa Lang 5

The Cream of Dried Shiitake Mushroom Soup ($8) is no ordinary mushroom broth. In fact, the flavours of the shiitake mushroom really shone through with this one and made for a slurp-worthy soup indeed. Have this if you’re looking for something warm and comforting on a rainy day. 

Jiak Pa Lang 6

If you fancy some poultry, the Har Cheong ($13) would be an excellent choice. Do not be deceived by how simple this dish looks because the prawn paste chicken roulade is prepared with a tremendous amount of effort.

After being drenched with oyster and soy sauce, the exterior of the chicken thigh is then further marinated in prawn paste before being rolled and fried to achieve that perfectly crispy skin. Paired with the tangy calamansi mayo and shredded purple cabbage, this version of Har Cheong Gai is really something else.

Jiak Pa Lang 7

For a solid seafood dish, have at the “Assam” Pulau Ubin Sea Bass ($15) complete with confit eggplant puree and compressed pineapple. The sea bass was fork-tender and had a notably crispy skin that went well with the tangy “assam” gravy and crunchy pineapple cubes.

Jiak Pa Lang 8

The Charcoal Katarosu Pork Collar ($16) is one of those dynamic dishes that not only looks great but has a taste to match. With a lingering charred taste, the pork collar was of just the right texture and worked nicely with the smoky flavour of the wok-fried garlic chives.

In addition, the bittersweet taste of the “Kopi” C soil with just a dash of evaporated milk added a whole new dimension and texture to the dish as a whole.

Jiak Pa Lang 9

Drawing inspiration from the combination of Guinness stout and peanuts commonly enjoyed in Kopitiams, the “Ang Ji Kao” Stout-Braised Beef Cheek ($17) was born.

Braised in stout and infused with Bovril sauce, the tender cut of beef cheeks was perfectly paired with the creamy peanut butter mash. The Nashi pear cubes also added a much-needed sweetness that rounded off the dish fantastically. 

Jiak Pa Lang 10

For dessert, we had the Milo Dinosaur Panna Cotta with Milo Crumble ($8) that boasted a super wobbly panna cotta accompanied by shiratama dango, both of which is made from scratch.

This is topped off with a crumble that’s made from an ingenious blend of cocoa powder, Milo powder and glutinous rice flour. If you’re a Milo lover, this is one dessert that you absolutely can’t go wrong with!

With a strong focus on reinventing local flavours and adding a modern edge to hawker classics, Jiak Pa Lang has an interesting concept that will surely appeal to the younger generation.

If anything, the dishes served here are a game-changer for those who want something a little different from the traditional recipes whipped up by zi char eateries in the neighbourhood.

Expected Damage: $10 – $25 per pax 

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Jiak Pa Lang: 456 Alexandra Road, #01-04/06, Fragrance Empire Building, Singapore 119962 | Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (11.30am – 10pm), Closed on Saturdays & Sundays | Tel: 6266 8511 | Facebook

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