Ditch The Dishes For Grab & Go Food With These Just Nice Ready-To-Eat Meals

At the Just Nice Ready-To-Eat Fest, you may be forgiven for thinking that the dishes have been prepared onsite. On 10 – 13 November 2017, 12 brands showed off their quick and easy ready-to-eat meals at ION Orchard.

With over 80 different types of ready-to-eat meals available, this was a feast for the senses. From chicken biryani, to Nonya dumplings, and lasagne, I was amazed at the variety they offered. Who says quick meals have to be boring?

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 01

Ms. Cherlynne, a ready-meal connoisseur (played by host and actress Michelle Chong), was there as well to review the dishes. Giving out her Ms. Cherlynne Star to the best meals, she’s ready to help Singaporeans get the perfect meal for any occasion — there’s always a dish that’s Just Nice for that time of the day.

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Singaporeans lead such hectic lifestyles, it’s a wonder we even have time for sit-down meals. I know many of us might just skip mealtimes, because who has time to grab a bite when there are back-to-back meetings or deadlines to meet?

The event was a real eye-opener because I never knew that some of my favourite dishes could be so easily accessible in a ready-to-eat form. Some even come with the Healthier Choice symbol, which means these meals are lower in saturated fat and sodium. And best of all, there aren’t any added preservatives!

I sampled dishes from the 12 brands, and boy, was it hard to pick a favourite. Grouped into three categories (Grab & Go, Flavours From Abroad and Taste Of Home), the variety was impressive.

Grab & Go

Quick bites on the go are what this category has to offer, and sure enough, there are plenty of small snacks and light bites available.

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 03

Pop by one of the vending machines from BoBo Fishball POP to enjoy piping hot cheese-filled fishballs and chicken balls, cheese tofus and beancurd skin.

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 04

Served with a cheese dip, these light snacks are heated up right when you order them. Now you can enjoy your favourite Bobo Cheese Tofu Pop for $3.60.

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/halifa-bobo for more!

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 05

If you want to shake off those workday blues, Shake Salad is here with their quick-mix salads to liven up your day. The automated kiosk helps you keep to your balanced and nutritious diet with easily accessible and affordable salads ($4.90 – $5.90).

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/shake-salad for more!

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 06

You wouldn’t think that rice dumplings are something you could find in a vending machine, but Joo Chiat Kim Choo surprised me with their traditional Nonya Dumpling ($2.50). Wrapped in bamboo leaves, the fragrant dumpling is warm to the touch when you pick it up from the vending machine.

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/u-marketplace-enterprise for more!

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 07

If you have a craving for local snacks, then check out the vending machines from Polar Puffs & Cakes. Savour the classics, including Curry Puffs ($2)Chicken Pies ($2.40)Chicken Sausage Rolls ($2) and even Otah Puffs ($2.30). To satisfy your sweet tooth, there are chiffon cakes and rolls.

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/polar for more!

Flavours From Abroad

How about some dishes from around the world for a fuller meal that is just as quick and easy?

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 08

Ready-made meals can be high-quality as well, with Gourmet Ready’s range of pre-prepared dishes. Try the Shepherd’s Pie & Roast Carrots ($5.50) for a lighter meal that still hits all the right spots. The minced chicken comes together with mashed potato for a comforting meal that’s easy to prepare.

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/gourmet-ready for more!

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 09
Taste Asia’s Nonya laksa in tasting portion.

Taste Asia‘s Nonya Laksa ($4.90) comprises of a fragrant broth and springy noodles that come together for a dish you can simply slurp up. Simply pop it in the microwave oven for a couple of minutes, and it’s ready for your enjoyment!

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/select for more!

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 10

If you’re craving for Western flavours, the Lasagne ($5) from RedMart will be your top choice. The leading online supermarket in Singapore will deliver these ready-to-eat meals straight to your doorstep. Now, you can enjoy quick and easy dinners in the comfort of your home.

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/redmart for more!

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 11

Because it’s hard to find time to cook in busy Singapore, Chef-in-Box offers meals that take only minutes to prepare.

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 12

The pre-prepared meals from Chef-in-Box will offer you fuss-free meals at home with your family, without the hassle of cooking and cleaning up. Try the Stir-Fried Basil Chicken with Green Curry Fried Rice ($4.80), a piquant Thai dish that reimagines long-time favourite green curry as a plate of fried rice.

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/jr-group for more!

Taste Of Home

There’s nothing comforting than the taste of home. Times like this, you’ll want local favourites, such as chicken rice, butter chicken and egg noodles.

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 13

We all know 7-Eleven as a convenient pit-stop for instant noodles and refreshing drinks, but don’t miss out on their local favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice ($3.90) as a ready-to-eat meal too.

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/7-eleven for more!

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 14

You’ll find moist steamed chicken meat resting atop a bed of fragrant rice, and I’ll have you know that it is equally good as those you’ll get in a neighbourhood coffee shop.

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 15

Often a familiar sight in shopping malls, Prata Wala now offers ready-to-eat meals too. The Butter Chicken Biryani ($5.50) will add some spice to your mealtimes. Rich and creamy, the gravy goes well with the grilled chicken and flavourful biryani rice. A great choice for lunches and dinners!

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/first-gourmet for more!

SPRING Ready-To-Eat Meals 16

You’ll be pleased to know that you can get ready-to-eat meals from The Soup Spoon as well. Try out the Ginger Scallion Chicken ($8.20). Paired with super healthy red rice, this fragrant poached chicken elevated with the drizzle of ginger scallion sauce.

And of course, you can also bring home packets of their comforting classic soups. Simply pop it in the microwave oven, and a delightful dinner awaits.

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/the-soup-spoon for more!

Rte Cp 1

If you’re in the mood for noodles, pick up a meal from CP Food. The Four Seasons Grilled Duck with Egg Noodles ($4.95) comes with springy egg noodles topped with tender and juicy duck meat. A hassle-free meal that you can enjoy for dinner, lunch, or a midnight snack, it lets you focus on the flavours without the niggling worry about cleaning up.

Visit https://www.justnice.sg/mustbite/cp-brand for more!

Rte Vending Machine

With such a variety of Ready-To-Eat meals, you’ll never run out of options even when you’re pressed for time. If you missed out on the Just Nice Ready-To-Eat Fest, don’t worry. Head over to the Facebook page or website to check out the event photos, as well as more information on these Ready-To-Eat meals. Check out @Ms. Cherlynne on Instagram to keep up with her meal reviews, and find out which meals get awarded the Ms.Cherlynne Star!

There’s a time and place for pre-prepared meals, and you’ll definitely want the meal option to be just nice for the occasion.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Ms.Cherlynne, as part of the Just Nice campaign.