Kanada-Ya, Tampines: What’s 11.11 without a ramen-tastic deal?

When it comes to ramen, I think of robust flavours paired with rich history. Since we haven’t been allowed to travel out of Singapore for a while now, I’m determined to travel the world, one taste at a time. 

Being an Eastie, I was thrilled to find out that Kanada-Ya—London’s leading ramen chain and multi-award winning restaurant—opened their fifth outlet in Century Square. The quaint outlet is dressed in lovely minimalistic decor and ultimately, I was ready to dig in.

Kanada-Ya Entrance
Credit – Kanada-Ya
Kanada-Ya Entrance 2
Credit – Kanada-Ya

What I tried

Collage Of Prawn Tempura And Scallop Katsu

What’s sitting in a Japanese restaurant without starting off with a couple of yummy fried seafood? Any sane person would get themself a classic Prawn Tempura (S$8.90) and Scallop Katsu (S$7.90), and I did just that.

Both dishes were well-battered, crispy, and light. Having had some bad experiences with seafood in the past, these two dishes have officially restored my faith back in seafood. You can taste the freshness of the sea from your first bite to the last. My only qualm was that the Prawn Tempura was a little greasy for my liking. Gun to my head? I’d go back for the Scallop Katsu any day. 

Kanada Ya 11

If you’re talking about a mystical experience, it’s definitely spicy noodles in a tomato-based broth. The Seafood Tomato Ramen—exclusive to Kanada-Ya’s Century Square outlet—is truly a mouth-watering combination of a combination of flavours. A Basic (S$20.90) bowl comes with two prawns, two mussels, one baby octopus, four clams and topped with hanjuku egg, leeks, and spring onions. 

A sip of the perfectly blended chicken broth with homemade tomato sauce brought me back to my childhood where I used to stuff my face with my favourite tomato-flavoured corn snack: Twisties. 

Kanada Ya 01

Do note that while exceptionally fresh, the prawns aren’t deshelled—which means it doesn’t absorb the flavours of the broth as much as I’d like and I have to get my hands dirty.

Collage Of Octopus And Mussel

Seriously, though, look at the squishy baby octopus and plumpness of the mussel meat. The explosion of flavours, freshness of seafood, and light kick of heat paired with the springy noodles won my heart. This is one unique bowl of ramen I can see myself eating daily.

Kanada Ya 10

Truffle lovers, this one’s for you. Upon being served a bowl of Truffle Ramen (S$22.90 for Basic), you will be hit with a strong whiff of truffle, which was a treat to me and quite possibly, the whole restaurant. 

Kanada Ya 05

The bowl will come with a generous amount of black truffle jelly, two slices of truffle chashu belly, springy noodles which are thoroughly infused with truffle oil, and topped with hanjuku egg and asparagus.

Kanada Ya 04

The broth has a potent truffle taste, which is lovely. However, the tender and fragrant chashu was a tad bit chewy for me and didn’t encapsulate much of the truffle flavour. One thing’s for sure, my truffle-lovin’ soul will definitely indulge in a bowl of that tasty truffle-infused broth any day.

Kanada Ya 06

Are you a fan of thick and creamy broths? If so, the Kotteri Tonkotsu Ramen (S$14.90 for Basic) might do it for you. This dish blends the tenderness of the chashu belly, wood ear fungus, and hanjuku egg in authentic Kyushu ramen, creating a hearty umami flavour.

Kanada Ya 08

The springy noodle, however, paired extremely well with the savouriness of the soup making it easy to slurp up while promising a treat to my taste buds. One bite into the custard-like egg paired with the noodles, elevated the dish even further and welcomed me with a surprising creaminess.

Kanada Ya 16

I ended my savoury meal with a light, and airy treat—the Matcha Swiss Roll (S$6.90). Filled with fresh matcha cream and red bean jelly centre, this cake sealed the deal. It had just the right amount of sweetness which balanced out the truckload of savoury essence that was lingering in my mouth. Matcha may not be my go-to dessert flavour, but trust me when I say this is a fluffy slice of heaven. 

ChopeDeals: Save 10% at Kanada-Ya outlets:

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Final thoughts 

My taste buds went through a rollercoaster of emotions while I was stuffing my face with the various bowls of ramen but one thing’s for sure, I’ll definitely be making my way back down to Kanada-Ya‘s Century Square outlet for a piping hot bowl of Seafood Tomato Ramen and Scallop Katsu—especially so for their upcoming 11.11 promotions

A little birdy also told me that from now till 20 December 2021, a Lucky Bowl contest will be held at the outlet, where participants will stand a chance to win cash vouchers and one year worth of ramen at all Kanada-Ya Singapore outlets. 

Good deals, good food, what else are you guys waiting for? Head on over to have a ramen-tastic time today! 

Expected damage: S$15 – S$35 per pax

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Kanada-Ya.

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Our Rating: 4 / 5


Century Square, 2 Tampines Central 5, #01-34 , Singapore 529509

Our Rating 4/5


Century Square, 2 Tampines Central 5, #01-34 , Singapore 529509

Telephone: +65 6926 0505
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6926 0505

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
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