Kipposhi: Have A Bowl Of Blue Ramen In Tokyo To Chase Away The Monday Blues

Kipposhi Blue Ramen-2

I’ve seen black and red ramen before, but blue ramen? That’s a first. Kipposhi is a shop that’s a 10-minute walk from the Tokyo Sky Tree, and it serves up a Clear Chicken Soup ‘Blue’ Ramen (¥900, around S$11).

Instead of the traditional slices of pork chashu, you’ll find slices of chicken fillet along with some fresh vegetables and an egg.

Kipposhi Blue Ramen-1

Not only is the soup blue, even the ramen noodles have been tinted blue thanks to the absorption of the soup!

Rumour has it that the blue colour in the broth comes from a natural pigment called Pycocyanin that’s extracted from spirulina algae. I guess this means that this blue ramen not only looks good in your photos, but is great for your body as well!

Kipposhi: Tokyo-to, Sumida-ku, Azumabashi 3-1-17  Azumabashi Home 101 | Opening hours: 11.30am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm | Facebook