Earn 15 miles per dollar spent on dining! Discounts and rewards for eating out await on the Kris+ app

Kris+ by Singapore Airlines is a leading lifestyle rewards mobile app that gives you access to exclusive deals and privileges at over 1,000 partner outlets in Singapore alone. 2022 marks the second year of its signature event, the Kris+ Gastronomy Series. Running from 4 May to 30 June 2022, it features even more of the fantastic dining deals and offers that made the inaugural version such a success.

Kris+: 1 app, endless rewards

Kris+ users enjoy the BEST miles earn rates in Singapore at up to 9 miles for every S$1 spent. This is further upsized to 15 miles for every S$1 spent or 10% rebates specially for restaurants participating in the Gastronomy Series. Miles earned on Kris+ can be used to offset your next spend with Kris+ partners, or accumulated for your next Singapore Airlines flight. 

Receive $10 back when you spend a min. of $70 at participating restaurants with Mastercard® through Kris+. There’s little reason to not use Kris+ as you still receive rewards from your credit card when you use it to pay through Kris+.

Find out more about the Kris+ Gastronomy Series and other exclusive privileges here.

Kris+ Gastronomy Series 2022

Not sure which is the best and most delicious Gastronomy Series deal? Here is our curated list of 6 restaurants which will bag you a bunch of miles to boot.

1. Si Chuan Dou Hua

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant is the paragon of fine Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine in Singapore. A meal here is not just a culinary experience but an immersion into Chinese culture. Diners are regaled with superb examples of Asian cuisine as well as fantastic performances by skilled Tea Masters who combine martial arts, dance and showmanship.

table of dishes

Kris+ has partnered with Si Chuan Dou Hua, PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road to bring you an indulgent 7-course culinary journey (S$68 Nett per pax). A minimum of 2 diners per reservation is required to enjoy this menu.

chicken and duck

Your taste buds begin their adventure with Roasted Duck with Marinated Jellyfish, Mushroom with Wasabi and “Chong Qing” Chilled Chicken with Spicy Bean Paste.

duck closeup

Each delectable pair has been carefully selected for its ability to extract complementary flavours and the result is a wonderful start to your meal.

fish soup

The soup course is Double-boiled Fish Soup w Marrow Melon & Conpoy. The ingredients are absolutely top-notch and impart their flavours deliciously into the soup.

scallop and prawn

prawn closeup

The Stir-fried Scallop with Truffle Sauce and Prawn in XO Chilli Sauce was my favourite— the scallop melted in my mouth, and the prawn was battered and flavoured just to my liking.

fish and broth

I was surprised that the fourth course of Pan-Fried Cod Fish in Homemade Soya Bean Crumb Sauce with Dried Scallop, Sakura Shrimps and Prawn Roe Sauce was so enjoyable. I am not the biggest fan of seafood, especially with so many varieties together but this dish balanced it out very well.

tofu dish

If your kids don’t eat their vegetables, the fifth course of Braised Homemade Bean Curd with Assorted Mushrooms may be the thing to change their mind. The wonderfully tender bean curd paired flawlessly with the bite of the mushrooms. The light sauce was perfect with it.


The penultimate course was Sichuan Dan Dan Noodle. The noodles were pleasantly springy— a fragrant and flavourful bowl that’s sure to fill your tummy.


Dessert was a welcome creative change in the form of Chilled Peach Resin with White Fungus, Lotus Seeds, Figs and a Deep-fried Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball. The light fruit competing with the thick texture of the rice ball was very interesting.

View curated menus from Si Chuan Dou Hua here

181 Kitchener Road, PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, Singapore 208533

+65 3138 5359

Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm & 6pm – 10pm

Facebook | Instagram | Website

2. Jarrell’s 

Delicious Western cuisine meets a modern Asian flair at Jarrell’s, an inviting retreat away from the buzz just outside the CBD. Known for its chill vibe and scrumptious fusion meals, it is one of the coolest places to kick back and indulge your sense of taste after a hard day.

variety of dishes

In conjunction with the Kris+ Gastronomy Series, Jarrell’s is offering discerning diners a special S$45++ set menu per pax with starter, main and dessert.

foie gras

There are two choices of starter, with the first being Decadence (Pan Seared Foie Gras). Take a bite and savour the combination of soft boiled egg, baby spinach, asian style mushroom ragout and balsamic reduction.


The equally appealing alternative is Cure For Hangover (Venus Clams In Superior Broth) that contains ginger, garlic, shao xing wine and chilli padi.

closeup of lala

I haven’t had the opportunity— yet – to test its therapeutic abilities, but I can definitely say that it tastes good!

There are two mains options, too. The first is District 9 Pasta (Thai King Prawn).

squid ink pasta

Served with Tom Yum stock, lime leaf, garlic & squid ink spaghetti that really bring out the flavour of the prawns, this was an enjoyable experience.

Option 2 for your main course is the Minotaur Burger (Wagyu Beef Burger).

burger and fries

The patty is served in a brioche bun with kicap manis sauce, grilled onion, lettuce and tomato keeping it company.

burger cut

The meat was as good as I would have imagined it could taste in such a casual setting. The sweet sauce countered the savoury meat well and the fries were simply *chef’s kiss*.

Dessert was a very serious-sounding Legacy of Eemin (Brown Sugar Sea Salt Panna Cotta).

dessert in a glass

Fortunately, the combination of black tea jelly, brown sugar crumble, sea salt foam and a shot of Baileys was much more jovial in taste. I would have had this as a starter as well, if given the choice.

View the full menu here.

198 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068637

+65 6223 1766

Tue to Sat: 11.30am to 12am

Closed Mon & Sun

Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. Levant

Inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean sea. That self-description by Levant is almost as tantalisingly seductive as the fare you will find inside. Its unique location atop a conservation shophouse in Tanjong Pagar affords an interesting palette of views ranging from steel and glass office buildings to squat, stoic blocky apartments.

pretty cocktails

Whichever you prefer, its combination of sun and shade, music and wind is a siren song you can’t resist for long. It’s hard to find a better setting for their Kris+ Gastronomy Series deal of Levant sharing platter for 4 (S$78 Nett).


The platter consists of Smoked Duck & Truffle Samosas with Mango Amba Sauce, Beef Kofta Sliders, Smoky Baba Ganoush Warm Pita, Eggplant Fritter & Green Chilli Shatta, French Fries and Ras-el-Hanout Spice Mix.

hummus and pita

My favourite of these was the pita that was just the right level of fluffiness – it was like eating clouds! A close second was the Eggplant Fritter & Green Chilli Shatta.

close up of platter

No one told me truffle samosas were a thing but I am definitely glad to have discovered them at Levant. Crispy samosas with a smooth savoury filling pair magnificently with a tipple on a warm day.

View the full menu here

32 Tras Street, ST Signature Hotel, Level 4, Singapore 078972

+65 6304 3298

Daily: 5pm to 12am

Facebook | Instagram | Website

4. Art

With a name telling of its location above the National Art Gallery, Art is designed to inspire all the senses and not just your taste buds. The visually stimulating décor makes the perfect setting for Executive Chef Daniele Sperindio’s curated 8-course Degustation Menu (S$298 Nett per pax).

The intriguing names promise a gastronomical journey beyond the pale: Aperitivo, 4 Amici al Bar, Pane e Poesia, Cameo, Colazione nei Campi, Seaside, Scarpetta, a Way of Living, Christmas Dinner, Porto Antico, Pollice Verde, On the Shinkansen, Grandparents, and Sunday Gathering… Closing Credits.

Aperitivo, 4 Amici al Bar brings together the most common snacks you would find in an Italian pub: millefoglie, Taggiasca olives and peanuts, magically compacted into a single bite. It comes with a breadless mortadella panino with pecorino cheesecake.

Pane e Poesia (Bread and Poetry) is sourdough served with olive oil from Puglia and a special pâté. Colazione nei Campi is a wonderful concoction of pears, baby artichokes, and aged sand carrots.

classy dishes
Credit – Art

Scarpetta (little shoe) alludes to how a piece of bread mops up the leftover pasta sauce just as a shoe scrapes up what is on the ground. The dish uses San Marzano tomatoes reduced to a thick sauce with aged parmesan cheese. It is served with Altamura bread.

Christmas Dinner is culugriones (stuffed pasta) with truffles and girolles (mushrooms) in a shallow broth of toasted corn. Sunday Gathering is dessert in the form of an assortment of small sweets.

sauce pouring
Credit – Art

Japanese-inspired On the Shinkansen showcases the chef’s love of Kyoto bamboo shoot. Faraona (guinea fowl) aged 3 days is infused with rosemary for an Italian touch and topped with fegato custard (goose liver) and topped with farmer’s wafer (a crunchy feuilletine-like dough made of guinea fowl skin). The shoot is braised, then grilled and served with amarene (sour cherries) and an aged celeriac jus.

Every creation is made of the season’s finest ingredients, and inspired by Chef Sperindio’s Italian roots as well as his international culinary adventures. It seems that the creative vibes from the art gallery below have indelibly made an impression on the chef. Art Restaurant is a safe bet if you want a dinner that makes you think, too.

View the full menu here.

1 St Andrews Road, #06-02 National Gallery, Singapore 178957

+65 6866 1977

Tue to Sun: 12pm – 2pm & 6pm – 10pm

Facebook | Instagram | Website

5. Botanico @ The Garage

From Art at the National Art Gallery, we move to Botanico at the Botanic Gardens. A lusher and more verdant dining destination, you could not imagine. The cuisine at Botanico is a blend of East and West, drawing from contemporary European cuisine and adding nuances of Asian gastronomy.

Kris+ gives you the option of a 5-course set menu (S$98 Nett per pax) available on Tuesdays to Thursdays & Sundays, or a 6-course set menu (S$108 Nett per pax) available on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as eves of and on public holidays. Both sets include a glass of house pour red or white wine and begin with a starter of Bread & Amuse Bouche.  

pretty setup of dishes
Credit – Botanico @ The Garage

In the 5-course menu, the first course is Aburi King Salmon (Ginger Shoyu Gel, Sesame Snow, Scallion Oil, Pickled Chinese Turnip and Ogonori) followed by Salted Baked Beetroot (Goat Cheese, Pickled Beetroot, Raisin and Horseradish). The soup course features Wild Mushroom Soup (Truffle Oil and Chives).

Diners have 3 choices for the fourth course: Wagyu Beef Cheek (Asian Pesto, Barley Risotto & Spicy Papaya Salad), 12-Hour Sous Vide Kurobuta Pork Belly (Roasted Parsnip, Caramelized Parsnip Puree, Wild Rice Puff) or Red Snapper (Assam Broth, Eggplant, Okra, Pine Nuts & Mint).

Dessert is either Ondeh Ondeh (Kaya Ice Cream, Coconut Espuma & Gula Java Sauce) or Valrhona Chocolate Merlot Cake (Feuilletine and Chocolate Pinot Noir).

The 6-course menu begins with Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche (Pineapple Gel, Japanese Cucumber, Kalamansi Chips, Ginger Flower, Pearl Onion). The second course is 62.5° Onsen Egg (Chinese Preserved Sausage, Mushroom Duxelle, Bacon Cream Espuma, Brioche), followed by Tomato Basil Soup (Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

The fourth course features Crab Rissoni (Surf Crab, Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab & Seaweed).

The 3 choices for the fifth course are Grilled Wagyu Hanging Tender (add S$8) (Jerusalem Artichoke, Asparagus, Sze Chuan Pepper Jus), 12-Hour Sous Vide Kurobuta Pork Belly (Roasted Parsnip, Caramelized Parsnip Puree, Wild Rice Puff), or Red Snapper (Assam Broth, Eggplant, Okra, Pine Nuts & Mint).

Dessert is a choice between Ondeh Ondeh (Kaya Ice Cream, Coconut Espuma & Gula Java Sauce) and Black Glutinous Rice (Toasted Rice Ice Cream, Fresh Coconut & Mochi Cake).

View the full menu here.

50 Cluny Park Road, Level 2, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 257488

+65 9831 1106

Tue to Thu: 6pm – 10.30pm

Fri: 12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 10.30pm

Sat to Sun: 11am – 3pm & 6pm – 10.30pm

Closed on Mon

Facebook | Instagram | Website

6. Xin Cuisine

For over 30 years, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant has been delighting diners with an exquisite range of Cantonese delicacies and delectable dim sums. Created in the authentic and unchanged traditional way by chefs from Hong Kong, their menu is one of the finest forays into Asian cuisine in Singapore.

There are 2 packages available, both with a minimum of 2 to dine and advance reservations required. A complimentary glass of house pour Red/White Wine is included in the price.

The 5-course S$88 Nett per pax set is available for lunch only.

shrimp dish
Credit – Xin Cuisine

It begins with a Dim Sum Platter that includes Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Fish Roe, Steamed Pork Dumpling with Wolfberries, Deep-fried Yam Dumpling with Chicken & Seafood filling.

The second course is a Seafood & Cream Pumpkin Soup while the third is Baked Salmon Fish with Garlic. The fourth course is Stir-fried Udon with Shredded Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce. Dessert follows in the form of Almond Cream with Egg White.

The S$108 Net per pax set consists of 6 courses. You begin with Xin Cuisine’s most popular dish, Home-style Roast Duck with Tea Leaves, Xin’s Crispy Roast Pork with Mustard Dip and Jelly Fish.

roasted duck
Credit – Xin Cuisine

The tender duck meat is smoked with a combination of Pu-er, Chrysanthemum, & Jasmine tea leaves and topped with crispy, fragrant skin. The accompaniment of juicy, meaty prawns fried to perfection and coated in tangy yuzu sauce make it an absolute delight.

The soup course is Braised Pumpkin Soup with Seafood & Cordyceps Flower. Next is the Baked Salmon Fish with Garlic, followed by Assorted Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetables.

Credit – Xin Cuisine

The fifth course is Braised King Prawn Ee-Fu Noodle, which is fresh braised lobster oozing umami paired with Xin Cuisine’s bestselling Ee-fu noodles. We end with a Chilled Puree of Mango, Sago and Pomelo with Ice Cream dessert.

View the full menu here

317 Outram Rd, Singapore 169075

+65 3138 2531

Wed – Fri: 11.30am – 3pm & 5.30pm – 9.30pm

Sat & Sun: 11.30am – 1pm & 1.15pm to 3pm

Closed Mon & Tue


The Kris+ Gastronomy Series is available at a whole range of other restaurants too.

Using the Kris+ app

The Kris+ app makes it easier to earn and redeem rewards than ever before. With integrated features to discover new Kris+ partners, instantaneous scan-to-pay ability, and exclusive deals, there is simply no reason to deprive yourself of the discounts, deals and free gifts.

On the home screen, there are Interest Categories to simplify your search. The bulk of the screen is taken up by the Highlights section where you can find the latest offers and curated deals for you.

kris+ app

The Discover button takes you to a tab with complimentary Privileges that you can claim in-store, and Deals that you can purchase to use immediately. These are grouped into categories such as Dining, Wellness and retail but you may also use the Search function to zero in on the offers you want. There is an option to search by map location as well.

When you find one that you like, just click on the button below to redeem Privileges or purchase vouchers.

table of dishes screenshot of kris_+ app

The Scan to Pay function offers flexibility in choosing the proportion that you want to pay by miles and the remainder through Apple Pay or Google Pay (which Kris+ automatically detects as a payment option if you have it already set up).

app screenshot of app app screenshot screenshot of the app

For a limited time, sethlui.com readers will enjoy an S$8 sign-up bonus when you download Kris+ and use Referral Code: <KPSL2205>

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Kris+

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