Labmade: Hong Kong Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Chain Opens In Westgate Mall

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Popular Hong Kong Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Labmade, has found its way onto the shores of Singapore. Newly opened in Westgate Mall, L2-K3, this Hong Kong chain aims to provide customers with freshly made ice cream that is full of flavour.

The ice cream at Labmade is made from real, fresh and quality ingredients, without any additives, colouring or preservatives. Additionally, each ice cream is made to order, retaining their fresh, intense flavours instead of pre-making them and storing them in a freezer.

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Some exclusive flavours at Labmade include Crunchy sea salt and Caramel Sauce, Custard Bun, Hong Kong French Toast, and Hong Kong Beancurd Dessert. The people at Labmade wish to reinvent the ultimate ice cream experience to deliver a satisfying, tasty treat to customers.

Additionally, Labmade is actually Asia’s First Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory and has received multiple awards, including the Hong Kong Best Dessert Shop Awards 2014 and 2015.

Quality and freshness, coupled with a unique style of making ice cream, what’s stopping you from heading down today?

Expected damage: $6.90

Labmade Singapore: 3 Gateway Dr, 608532, Westgate Mall L2-K3| Website Facebook