Local Anthology ‘Food Republic’ Breathes Life into Singapore’s Foodscape

If you’re here, you probably love food. You also probably love to see how that love is expressed.

If you also happen to be a bookworm, you can now satisfy your literary appetite with Landmark Books’ food anthology Food Republic. A collection of 88 pieces by 59 authors, this exciting new volume features a mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry surrounding the topic of food in Singapore.

Landmarkbooks Foodrepublic Online 1

Editors Ann Ang, Daryl Lim Wei Jie and Tse Hao Guang followed the inspiration to curate different viewpoints on food in Food Republic. The collection aims to capture the everyday food experiences that individuals undergo, beyond simply building a history around Singaporean cuisine.

In turn, Food Republic casts a keen eye on how people integrate food into personal lives and memories. The gastronomic vocabulary used in the subtitle ‘A Singapore Literary Banquet’ highlights the consumptive aspect of food, literature and culture. The food experience feels elevated to the artistic, both in its production and formation of meaning.

Food becomes the very fabric of our identities and passions, giving it far more significance than simply satisfying physical sustenance.

Landmarkbooks Foodrepublic Online 2

Food Republic’s quick journey to the Bestsellers shelf at Books Kinokuniya testifies to its popularity.

The anthology Food Republic features new contributors to the local literary scene such as Valen Lim and Wahid Al Mamun. It’s heartening to watch Singapore literature grow as we read new voices alongside established names.

To me, the best part of reading an anthology is in the constant awareness of its curation. With each piece, I marvel at the creativity of the individual work while pondering the unique perspective that it contributes to the collective.

Look forward to a range of works that will take you through the real and mystical, the past and present, as well as multiple literary forms and genres. Surely some will suit your palate.

Where: Now available at Books Kinokuniya Singapore , in-store, and online at LocalBooks.sg 

Price: S$32.10 (at Kinokuniya), S$28.89 (for Kinokuniya Privilege Card Members), S$30 (on LocalBooks.sg)