Lime House Caribbean Restaurant & Bar: Dive Into Caribbean Cuisine With Revamped Dishes Located Near Keong Saik 

Lime House Caribbean Restaurant & Bar, located along Jiak Chuan Road, opened its doors back in 2013, with its Caribbean notion of limin’, a cultural slang used for unwinding with friends over food and drinks, as well as conversations. 

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Looking at Lime House from across the street, it is decked out in a retro-styled exterior, with lime green accents around the edges of both windows as well as their doors. I loved how they chose a colour that is literally a part of their restaurant name, which is a rather smart way of leaving a strong impression to those passing by.  

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The revamping of Lime House this time round brings the presentation of Caribbean culture to another level, with a refreshed interior and deck chairs adorned in slanted blue and white strips, as well as the hanging lights covered with rattan, giving the restaurant a tropical homely vibe that is welcoming to all.    

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The teakwood bar is stocked with a comprehensive menu of 300 bottles of alcohol, which has rum from places like Jamaica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, and more.  

Eager to dive into the variety of Caribbean dishes, I began with one of the starters from the menu, the Oxtail & Eggplant (S$16). 

Limehouse 4

The Oxtail & Eggplant consisted of breaded eggplant, topped with slow-braised oxtail and eggplant puree. The eggplant was stewed for seven and a half hours, and this starter was photogenic for those who love to document their food. 

The breaded eggplant was fried nicely, with a slight crunch to it when I devoured it. Accompanied by the slow-braised oxtail that was pull-apart tender, it was a match made in heaven. 

The eggplant puree added a different dimension to it, with its smooth and creamy texture. This was definitely a great start to my Caribbean voyage. 

Limehouse 7

This rendition of Vegetarian Pelau (S$22) is created for those who are looking for a keto-friendly option. Using cauliflower in place of rice, this plate did not compromise on flavours at all, with sauteed cauliflower with pineapple, mixed beans, okra, and peppers.  

Limehouse 11

The cauliflower’s lightness was a welcome change from the usual bland, neutral flavour of rice; it was mild, with a hint of nuttiness.  

Limehouse 8

The recommended pairing drink to go with the Vegetarian Pelau was the Wreck of the Ten Sails, Cayman Islands (S$22). The drink was refreshing, with invigorating gin gimlet that has Thai lime leaf which balanced out the spice of the Vegetarian Pelau.

Limehouse 6

Next up, the Signature Jerk Chicken (S$29) was served. This was a classic Jamaican dish of boneless chicken thigh, seasoned with a blend of jerk spices such as spring onion, jerk, soy sauce, berries, and more. Grilled plantains were placed on top to complete the dish.

For those unfamiliar with plantains, they are a starchier version of bananas, and are extremely popular in Caribbean cuisine. 

The chicken was pan-seared first, followed by putting it into the oven to bake, and finally grilling the chicken to give it a charred smoky finish.

Limehouse 9

The chicken was thick and did not fall short in terms of portion, and satisfied my huge appetite. The sweet potato puree, along with the plantains, created a stellar flavour combination.  

The chilli served at the side was tangy, spicy, and sharp and it was a joy for a spicy fanatic like me. To those that do not like spice, I would not recommend a liberal amount of chilli. 

Limehouse 5

The Old Jamaican Glazed Cod (S$39) was served, and it was a sight to behold. 

From the bottom, the sweet potato and the grilled pineapple is placed as the foundation of the dish. The cod fish was the centrepiece of the dish, nestled right in the heart of the tower of ingredients. Pineapple salsa rested on top of the fish, with a piece of salted egg fish skin to complete the look. 

This dish came across as one that wants to achieve various textures and flavours, but will it all come together in harmony? 

I found it to be quite harmonious, as the sweet potato brought the necessary starchiness to the table, while the pineapple brought along a nice touch of sourness. The cod fish completed the dish with its lean and delicate texture. The salsa and the salted egg fish skin added crunch, which together worked like a dream team.

Limehouse 10

The cod fish alone was commendable, with its lack of “fishy” taste. The mild flavour was compensated by the ginger beer sauce, which actually reminded me of teriyaki sauce because of its mildly sweet taste.   

Limehouse 12

I ended my meal with the Mango N’ Coconut Panna Cotta (S$16). This dessert may appear simple, but it rounded off the meal on a sweet note. There was the Caribbean panna cotta, paired with the breaded coconut flakes shaped in a ball, which was held together with the coconut ice cream on the inside.

The freshly fried breaded coconut flakes paired with the cold coconut ice cream was a sensational finale. The Caribbean panna cotta was luscious and smooth, and had a strong mango flavour which I genuinely enjoyed. The mango overshadowed the coconut taste, which, in my books, is not necessarily a bad thing. 

I will definitely order this dessert the next trip down to Lime House.

Lime House is definitely a place I would bring friends and family to have authentic Caribbean food! 

For those who are seeking a wide selection of alcohol, this restaurant is definitely a place to visit, and the staff will be more than happy to recommend you different drinks to pair with the dishes you order.

Expected Damage: S$20 – S$60 per pax 

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Our Rating: 4 / 5

Lime House Caribbean Restaurant & Bar

2 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089260

Our Rating 4/5

Lime House Caribbean Restaurant & Bar

2 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089260

Telephone: +65 6222 3130
Operating Hours: 5pm - 12am (Tues to Sat), Closed on Sun & Mon
Telephone: +65 6222 3130

Operating Hours: 5pm - 12am (Tues to Sat), Closed on Sun & Mon