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KFC Singapore Makes A Comeback With Their Chicken Skin From 20 Feb

Shoutout to chicken skin fanatics out there: KFC Singapore is finally bringing back their well-known KFC Chicken Skin.  With every piece of crispy chicken, hand-breaded...

Soak In Your Very Own Savoury Broth Bath Now On Village Vanguard Online Shop

Have you ever thought of infusing the smell of food into something unusual, let's say, a savoury bath powder? Village Vanguard Japan, a vintage bookstore...

A Portable Lunch Box-Sized Rice Cooker For Your Meal In Office Or Even At Home Avail Online

The future is here everyone. Japanese company, Thanko, has designed a compact rice cooker, called Ultra-High-Speed Lunch Box Rice Cooker. This is reminiscent of the Twin Chef,...

Sando Singapore Opens A New Outlet Right In The CBD Located At China Square Central

Sando Singapore, which opened their doors previously at Alexandra Technopark near Labrador Park, has now opened their second outlet right in the heart of the CBD (Central...

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