Tiger Sugar Singapore Drops Their Boba Milk Ice Cream Bar Avail At Tiger Sugar SG Outlets Now

Do you recall when Tiger Sugar Taiwan dropped their Black Sugar Boba Milk Ice Cream Bar at all 7-11 outlets in Taiwan? The ice cream bar was so popular that it sold out in 10 minutes!

Tiger Sugar Ice Cream 2

Ever since that launch, the team at Tiger Sugar went through blood, sweat and tears for about six months to come up with an improved version of their boba milk ice cream bar.

Tiger Sugar Ice Cream 3

With over 200 tastings sessions, and having Japanese ice cream experts fly over to Taiwan to help out with the development of the ice cream bar, their efforts paid off.  The goal behind creating the boba ice cream bar was to recreate the taste of their iconic Tiger Sugar brown sugar drinks, as well as retaining the aesthetic of the “tiger strips” like their Brown Sugar Fresh Milk.

Retailing at S$14.90 per box of four pieces, the Tiger Sugar Boba Milk Ice Cream Bar is available now at all Tiger Sugar Singapore outlets as well as Tiger Sugar Dessert

Looking for deals on this ice cream? Tiger Sugar is currently offering promotions for their Boba Milk Ice Cream Bar: 

  • Purchase one Brown Sugar Fresh Milk drink from Tiger Sugar or any dessert from Tiger Sugar Dessert to get a box of Tiger Sugar Boba Milk Ice Cream Bar at S$11.90 OR two boxes at S$21.90
  • Looking for a bulk deal? Get five boxes at S$59, with no need to purchase any drink or dessert from Tiger Sugar/Tiger Sugar Dessert.
  • Bring your very own freezer bag to get S$0.50 off your purchase.

Tiger Sugar Ice Cream 4

Wonder how the ice cream bar fares? Tiger Sugar kindly let us try the Tiger Sugar Boba Milk Ice Cream Bar. Opening the ice cream bar from the package, the aromatic smell of brown sugar hit me right in my nostrils, unlike other frozen ice creams one would come across.

The pearls are mixed with jelly to ensure chewiness, which makes it a joy to have and mimicked the Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Fresh Milk drink well. My colleague and I enjoyed the ice cream bar gleefully, and even licked the ice cream stick despite us already finishing the ice cream itself.

For someone who hates cloying desserts, this was surprisingly not excessively rich, and I would recommend this to fanatics who would like to enjoy brown sugar fresh milk but in a form of an ice cream bar, right in the comfort of your home.

Snag a box of Tiger Sugar Boba Milk Ice Cream Bar now at Tiger Sugar Singapore outlets & Tiger Sugar Dessert, while stocks last.

Dates & Times: Available now at Tiger Sugar Singapore outlets & Tiger Sugar Dessert, while stocks last 

Price: From S$11.90 onwards