Tiger Sugar Introduces Its Own Black Sugar Boba Milk Ice Cream Bar Avail At 7-11 Taiwan From 24 Nov

When it comes to the OG of black sugar boba milk, I’m sure many of us will naturally think of Tiger Sugar. After all, they were the ones who invented this sweet and creamy concoction—way back in 2017—as an attempt to arise our tastebuds to the nostalgic flavours of old-school Taiwanese desserts. 

Tiger Sugar Boba Ice Cream Online 2

Several bubble tea shops later caught on the craze and created their own rendition of this prevalent beverage. What was then a normal thirst quencher, became an overnight sensation, evolving into several forms—including ice cream bars!

Well, fans of Tiger Sugar, you are in for a treat as the brand has released their very own Black Sugar Boba Milk Ice Cream Bar at all 7-11 outlets in Taiwan!

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Expect Tiger Sugar’s standard quality of black sugar boba milk in a frozen form—a creamy marble of milk-based ice cream with swirls of black sugar encasing generous amounts of chewy boba balls. 

Tiger Sugar Boba Ice Cream Online 3

For a box of four sticks of ice cream retailing at NT$105 (~S$4.70), this is definitely a steal if you are tight on a budget yet, still, crave for your black sugar boba treat!

Upon its launch on 24 November 2019, we’ve got news that these Black Sugar Boba Milk Ice Cream Bars were sold out at some 7-11 outlets. If you are heading to Taiwan any time soon, be sure to pop by your nearest 7-11 and try your luck!

Dates & Times: Now available at all 7-11 outlets in Taiwan, whilst stock lasts

Prices: NT$105 (~S$4.70) for a box of four ice cream sticks