Mag’s Wine Kitchen: Unpretentious Modern French Fare Like Boston Lobster Risotto Served At Keong Saik Rd

With the rise of try-hard restaurants that do not leave deep impressions on me, it is hard to find food that is humbling to the soul. At Mag’s Wine Kitchen, the idea of the kitchen being the soul of the house is almost quite literal.

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You might have to spend some time to find the restaurant, given the numerous dining spots along Keong Saik Road. The restaurant’s chic yet humble-looking storefront looks welcoming, very much like someone’s home. The architecture clearly shows how Chef-Owner Magdalene Tang stays true to her brand of home-style hospitality, as seen from both its exterior and interior.  

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Credit – Mag’s Wine Kitchen

A seven-metre long marble chef’s table is what you face when you take your very first step into the restaurant, and this certainly is in line with the ideology of a home-like dining experience. With an extensive wine collection, rest assured that you will feel at home in this space.

Contrary to popular belief, an open kitchen often comes with the worry of walking out smelling like your dinner, but at Mag’s Wine Kitchen, these doubts are absorbed by the extremely effective exhaust system that leaves you odour-free. 

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For starters, we began with the Alaskan King Crab Cake (S$22++). Plated much like a cake, it had Alaskan king crab, melon confit and trout roe, complete with sauces like mayonnaise and mustard mixed into it. 

With a fragrant, sweet flavour from the crab, the melon confit balls intensified the taste with the melons’ flavours and vibrant orange colour. The micro herbs that topped the “cake” acted a palate cleanser with every mouthful of it, adding a refreshing dimension to it. 

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Next, the Hokkaido Scallops (S$24++). As a person who is not very invested in crustacean dishes, this changed my perception. Corn velouté, medium-rare Hokkaido scallops are eclipsed by crispy bacon bites.

The Hokkaido scallops were succulent, with a tender bite that was addictive. Luscious corn velouté had a creamy mouthfeel that was commendable. With the crispy bacon, it was a harmony of texture and flavours that worked well together.

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Served up was one of the main dishes, the Boston Lobster Risotto (S$44). Beneath the medium-rare lobster is risotto concocted with saffron, carnaroli rice, chicken stock, as well as a handful of butter.  

The Boston lobster was mildly sweet, with a firm and juicy consistency that was a delight to have with the risotto. I had to pace myself before it all vanished with my appetite. 

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The Beef Tenderloin (S$42++) was enticing with its visuals—seared at the outside and deep pink on the inside. The piece of tenderloin was from a one-kilogram Australian black Angus prime rib, portioned into 180 to 200 grams per person. 

Served with mashed potatoes as well as dark brown veal jus made from broth (including beef bones, red wine and mirepoix), reduced for a minimum of ten hours to achieve that thick consistency and concentrated taste. 

Its luscious texture, full-bodied taste profile left me in awe, and the veal jus made the meat even more tantalising, which definitely spoilt me. 

Mag Win Kitchen 7

Named “Chocolate” (S$14++), this was a timeless dessert that needs no explanation. An honest, humbling end to my time at Mag’s Wine Kitchen, Chocolate was the embodiment of a dessert that is comforting to everyone; a homemade dark chocolate fondant and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. 

This dessert, although simple, is meaningful to Magdalene Tang; made by an old friend of hers and retained by Mag’s Wine Kitchen ever since to commemorate her passing. 

The dark chocolate fondant was bittersweet, warm, which was a nice contrast to the vanilla ice cream.

As many food trends come and go, Mag’s Wine Kitchen, without a doubt, will prevail with Mag’s signature home-style hospitality—generous, genuine and guest-first, always. 

Expected Damage: S$53++ – S$120++ per pax

Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Mag's Wine Kitchen

55 Keong Saik Road, #01-06, Singapore 089158

Our Rating 5/5

Mag's Wine Kitchen

55 Keong Saik Road, #01-06, Singapore 089158

Telephone: +65 6438 3836
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 2pm & 5.30pm - 10pm (Tues to Sat), Closed on Sun & Mon
Telephone: +65 6438 3836

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 2pm & 5.30pm - 10pm (Tues to Sat), Closed on Sun & Mon
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