Coco Bless Patisserie, Online: Japanese-inspired swiss rolls, tarts and cakes by former Raffles Hotel pastry chef

Chef Lu is specialised in French pastry techniques while blending in Japanese-inspired cake making elements with his own recipe. Coco Bless Patisserie was created by Chef Lu during the lockdown of Covid-19. He has been in the industry for 12 years, working at 5-star hotels— Raffles Hotel, Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Mandarin Oriental Hotel. He also worked with Michelin-starred restaurants under ilLido Group, leading the pastry production team.

chef lu

 If there’s any opportunity for me to eat— sorry, I mean write about cakes and desserts— I’m seizing it stat. The sweet treats in question are by Coco Bless Patisserie, an online patisserie helmed by a former 5-star hotel pastry chef.

3 cakes

Chef Lu began his patisserie in the midst of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ last year, and since then has amassed a varied menu of sweet treats and flavours to wow any dessert fiend.

 What I tried

pink grapefruit cake

I’ve made it my life’s mission for everything I own to be in shades of pink, and it goes without saying that the Pink Grapefruit Light Cheesecake (S$62 for 6”) beckoned me first. Bedecked with delicate chocolate flowers, topped with gold flakes, and tied together with a chocolate shell in the pastel pink shade of my dreams, this was a sight to behold.

slice of cake

The juxtaposition between the citrusy layer of the fresh pink grapefruit and smooth, creamy cheese was undoubtedly the star of the show. I was pleasantly surprised by the sablé, which managed to withstand the pressure of my fork in every bite, and yielded immediately after it was popped into my mouth. It’s a balance that most bakeries don’t strike as perfectly as Coco Bless Patisserie, and thus deserves a round of applause.

chocolate cake

The next one’s for all my fellow chocoholics— the Chocolate Crumble Cake (S$58), which boasts of an indulgent combination of chocolate crumble, smooth dark chocolate crémeux, soft chocolate sponge, and praline feuilletine.

slice of choco cake

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect slice of chocolate cake for the longest time, and thus pinned the highest hopes on Coco Bless Patisserie. While a good, honest chocolate cake is always the way to my heart, I did wish this Chocolate Crumble Cake placed heavier emphasis on the bitterness of the dark chocolate— then, it would’ve sealed the deal for me.

strawberry shortcake

A lighter alternative would be the Strawberry Shortcake (S$58 for 6”). Think of impossibly fluffy vanilla sponge cake slathered with smooth layers of Chantilly cream, then topped with luscious red strawberries.

slice of cake on a board

Coco Bless Patisserie absolutely nails the texture of their cakes, but this one fell short on being airy and light. I have to commend them on reigning in the sweetness, however, that other strawberry shortcakes fail to succeed in. With a slight tweak in their recipe, this would’ve been plate-licking superb.

swiss rolls

choco roll

The Signature Swiss Roll Series, however, are fluffy and creamy game-changers. I find that most swiss rolls tend to solidify and dry out after being refrigerated, but Coco Bless Pastisserie’s retain that stellar, melt-in-your-mouth texture. The Chocolate Roll Cake (S$22) is perfect for those who love their chocolate on the sweet side— with all the unadulterated joy that chocolate provides.

coffee roll cake

The Coffee Roll Cake (S$22) coffee aroma is strong without being too overpowering, though I would’ve loved for its acidity to have been more pronounced. It’s a flavour that seldom goes wrong, and this is a safe option— nothing more, nothing less.

matcha roll

hojicha roll

Maybe coffee isn’t your cup of tea, and that’s okay. The Matcha Roll Cake (S$22) and Hojicha Roll Cake (S$22) will be right up your alley. I found that the flavours for these two cakes were not as memorable, though they made up for it in texture.

black sesame roll

The Black Sesame Roll Cake (S$22) was the clear winner of the lot. The roasted flavour erupts in abundance, wowing a black sesame fan like myself, and even gaining an approving nod from my sister, who sits on the opposite end of the spectrum. Its delicate flavour is robust without being overpowering, and if I had to pick one dessert from Coco Bless Patisserie to treat myself to on a cheat day, it would be this.

colourful swiss rolls
Credit – Coco Bless Patisserie

If you’re indecisive, or just want to go all out, Coco Bless Patisserie is launching a Mix and Match Roll Cake Box (S$24), which will include four flavours— Chocolate, Matcha, Black Sesame, and Coffee. This way, you get the best of four very fluffy and delicious worlds, perfect for sharing with the family after dinner at home.

tart gift box

The latest addition to the patisserie’s menu is the Tart Gift Box which is a mix of divine Strawberry Basil Tart, Matcha Calamansi Tart and Pink Grapefruit Tart (S$32 per box). If you’re a berry lover, the Strawberry Basil Tart is one to try. What’s unique is the light basil cream that’s mixed with fresh Korean strawberries— it gives it a twist on the usual berry tarts you find everywhere else!

The tart called ‘Matcha Calamansi’ surprises you with exotic calamansi curd topped with matcha cream. Yes, I never imagined these two intense flavours coming together – but they make a good pair. This is an unusual one, perfect for adventurous taste buds! The Pink Grapefruit Tart will leave you asking for more as its tangy grapefruit curd and fresh grapefruit is pleasantly balanced with sweet vanilla meringue. 

Pre-order these delightful tarts which make for the ideal gift for your loved ones.

*Available for pre-order from Friday to Sunday weekly for limited time only.

Final thoughts

3 cakes

I love a good sugary treat, but I think striking a balance is key when it comes to really hitting that sweet spot. Coco Bless Patisserie is definitely off to a good start—the mastery of pastry making techniques is evident, and the variety is worthy of a pat on the back.

Expected damage: S$22 – S$62 per pax

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Coco Bless Patisserie.

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