A Portable Lunch Box-Sized Rice Cooker For Your Meal In Office Or Even At Home Avail Online

The future is here everyone. Japanese company, Thanko, has designed a compact rice cooker, called Ultra-High-Speed Lunch Box Rice Cooker. This is reminiscent of the Twin Chef, which definitely is designed for heavier usage.

Ultra High Speed Lunch Box Rice Cooker Online 5

This tech-savvy item can be found online via Thanko’s website, fetching a price of JPY 6,980 (~S$88). With a petite frame of just 24cm long, 10cm wide, and 8cm in height, this is portable enough for you to bring to work with pre-washed rice and cook right away!

Ultra High Speed Lunch Box Rice Cooker Online 3

This lunchbox rice cooker can serve a maximum of 180ml of rice at a time, which is great for a single serving. If you are not planning on getting yourself into a food coma, you could make half the capacity of the lunchbox, and that takes only 14 minutes to cook.

Ultra High Speed Lunch Box Rice Cooker Online 4

The power cord that comes with it has quite a length; a whopping 140cm. Perfect for overcoming issues like having to reach for hidden power outlets in the office.

Ultra High Speed Lunch Box Rice Cooker Online 6

For those living alone, this is a lifesaver if you would like to prep a quick freshly cooked meal with just rice and toppings like curry. It’s also a breeze to wash.

Order your very own Ultra-High-Speed Lunch Box Rice Cooker now via Thanko’s website, while stocks last.

Dates & Times: Available online at Thanko’s website, with delivery expected to be early April 2020 if you order now

Price: From JPY 6,980 (~S$88) onwards