Grab A Quick Bite With Kitchen Joy’s New Salted Egg Shrimp Steak Burger Avail At 7-Eleven & CP Online Shop

If you’ve ever wondered where Kitchen Joy comes from, it has been a purveyor in Scandinavian markets for frozen products and ready-to-eat meals ever since it entered Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

The patties used in the burgers are made with the meat of sustainably farm-raised animals, and the burgers are freshly-packed to ensure its high quality.

Kitchen Joy 2

Looking for a quick bite at your nearest 7-Eleven convenience store? Well, look no further with Kitchen Joy’s new addition to their line-up of ready-to-go burgers, the Salted Egg Shrimp Steak Burger.

Kitchen Joy 6

Retailing at S$3.40, the Salted Egg Shrimp Steak Burger is the perfect burger for those who do not have the luxury to run out to grab a meal.

The Salted Egg Shrimp Steak Burger‘s patty is tender—succulent shrimp bits that are coated in a fried breaded crust. With a reasonable amount of piquant salted egg sauce that will not leave the buns of the burger soggy, this is great for parties or even having it as a fuss-free meal for professionals who do not have time on their side.

Kitchen Joy 1

Not a huge fan of salted egg flavour? Check out their current line-up of burgers; Teriyaki Steak Burger (S$3.20), Fish Steak Burger (S$3.20), Shrimp Steak Burger (S$3.20).

Kitchen Joy 3

The Fish Steak Burger had a thick fish patty sandwiched between two buns, with a mayonnaise sauce that had a mild flavour, with good tart-salt balance. I wished it had more sauce, but I found the amount of sauce reasonable as too much could drown out the flavours of the fish patty. In addition, it could have reduced the bread buns’ fluffiness into sogginess.

Kitchen Joy 4

On the other hand, the Teriyaki Steak Burger patty’s size was more sustainable. The teriyaki sauce tasted more like a Chinese style teriyaki sauce—leaning to the saltier side rather than a sweeter umami flavour than Japanese teriyaki sauce.

Nonetheless, it was not terrible. The bread buns used were sesame bread buns, something which I appreciated for an instant ready-to-eat burger.

Kitchen Joy 5

The Shrimp Steak Burger is essentially the Salted Egg Shrimp Steak Burger without the salted egg. If you’re a big fan of shrimps, get this. The shrimp bits were too few for my liking, but it was a delight to have as the shrimp bits were well-seasoned and easy to digest.

Grab your very own Kitchen Joy burger today at 7-Eleven outlets as well as CP online shop!

Dates & Times: Available at all 7-Eleven outlets & CP online shop now 

 Prices: From S$3.20 onwards