Taiwanese Bubble Tea Chain JLD Dragon Launches With Two Outlets At Waterway Point & The Star Vista

The boba craze continues with Taiwanese Bubble Tea Chain JLD Dragon Singapore (吉龙糖) bursting on to the scene of bubble tea brands in Singapore.     

Jld Dragon 6
JLD Dragon at Waterway Point

JLD Dragon Singapore has opened two outlets located right at Waterway Point and The Star Vista. The upcoming outlet will be opening at Centrepoint Orchard in April 2020.  

JLD Dragon is the only industry player that uses 1646 Traditional Okinawa Brown Sugar, that is known as kokuto. This sets them apart from others as kokuto is touted as the world’s healthiest sugar—an all-natural product that contains high levels of calcium, iron, and Vitamin B.

Jld Dragon 5
JLD Dragon at Waterway Point

The outlet at Waterway Point is situated next to the PCN (Park Connector Network), which provides excellent ventilation and natural lighting for those who can’t enjoy their boba drink without showing it off for the ‘gram.

I dove into four signature drinks from their array of beverage series, with sugar levels of half or less (30% to 50% sugar level).

Jld Dragon 1
Alishan Green Tea Milk Foam (S$5.90)

The Alishan Green Tea Milk Foam (S$5.90) was refreshing in the intense warm weather. The aroma of the Alishan tea was fragrant, and coupled with the milk foam, added a luscious creamy texture to the drink.

Jld Dragon 2
Brown Sugar Milk With Tapioca Boba (S$5.30)

The Brown Sugar Milk With Tapioca Boba (S$5.30) was something I eagerly anticipated. Will it stand a chance against so many other brown sugar beverages in the market? The brown-sugar-coated tapioca pearls were a plus point, as it suited my preference towards pearls.

With it’s soft and chewy texture, it was a joy to chew on without much effort needed, unlike other pearls in the market. The combined ratio of brown sugar, whipped cream, crème fraiche, as well as the fresh creamy milk was perfect, and I enjoyed it gleefully.

Jld Dragon 3
Roasted Oolong Tea Latte with Brown Sugar & Tapioca Boba (S$5.30)

A drink that is somewhat similar is the Roasted Oolong Tea Latte With Brown Sugar & Tapioca Boba (S$5.30). One might expect the combination to be incompatible, with the oolong tea flavour overwhelmed by the strong flavours of brown sugar.

Instead, the oolong tea complemented the brown sugar, making the drink slightly less rich as compared to the Brown Sugar Milk With Tapioca Boba but without comprising on flavour—which is great for those who aren’t fans of cloying drinks.

Jld Dragon 4
Green Tea with Yakult (S$5.90)

The last drink I tried is for those who are fans of Yakult. The Green Tea With Yakult (S$5.90) is a great pairing of flavours, with its sweet but slight fruity taste from Yakult. It carried a bittersweet profile from the green tea as well, making this drink well-balanced.

Grab yourself a beverage from JLD Dragon Singapore today!

Dates & Times: JLD Dragon Singapore now open at Waterway Point & The Star Vista | 11am to 10pm (Daily) 

Price: From S$3.50 onwards