PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering’s Lobsterfest 2024: Dive into unlimited seafood, bringing both heat & flavour

There are some annual food events that I mark on my calendar with eager anticipation every year. Lime Restaurant’s Lobsterfest at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering is definitely one of them and the 2024 edition (17 May – 29 Jun) lives up to the hype and more. This sumptuous buffet is available for dinner from Mon to Sat, 6pm – 10pm.

lobsterfest - interior of restaurant

This year, they have moved the grilling indoors to a wood-fired Josper grill. Anyone familiar with the name will already be salivating at the succulent feast that promises.

What I tried at Lime’s Lobsterfest

lobsterfest - table full of seafood dishes

I headed right to the Josper grill when I spotted it. Emerging freshly wood-fired was the Lobster Thermidor, regaling my nostrils with a heady aroma that set my tummy rumbling. On my plate, the tender lobster meat trembled invitingly under a silken cheesy coating.

lobsterfest - lobster thermidor

My eyes widened when my teeth met hidden bits of wonderfully done mushrooms. Coupled with the crunch of gratin topping and the just-right chew of the mushroom, the velvety lobster earned itself an easy 3 ticks of perfection.

Also prepared here was the Grilled Marinated Rock Lobster. The grill imparted its classic smoky, charred character to the meat, creating a scintillating contrast against its sweetness. Lime Restaurant has a signature marinade with magical qualities that elevates this wonderful creation to heady heights.

lobsterfest - seafood on ice counter

When I did manage to extract myself from the Josper station, my perseverance was rewarded at the Cold Seafood Bar.

lobsterfest - plate full of seafood

Here, the Boston Lobsters take centre stage. Just your first taste will tell you everything you need about Lime Restaurant’s commitment to bringing you the freshest and most succulent seafood at every Lobsterfest. For me, the combination of fresh Boston Lobster and the tangy cocktail sauce was pure bliss.

Oooh, the Lobster Thermidor was my oh-so-nearly my outright favourite! Fortunately or otherwise, along came another Lobster and sat down beside Ms. Editor.

lobsterfest - lobster risotto

This time it was the Lobster Claw Parmesan Wheel Risotto. Naturally, the focus of any risotto is the rice and the Arborio variety is the ideal choice for a backdrop. It lavishes waves of creaminess upon your palate, drawing subtle notes of saffron to keep it entertained. Meanwhile, generous morsels of heavenly lobster claw meat glide across the landscape, leaving their tantalising touch everywhere.

I also loved the dramatic touch of scraping the risotto right onto your plate from the parmesan wheel. It’s an experience!

lobsterfest - broth with lobster

Another standout is the Sarawak White Pepper Lobster, which offers a taste of Lime Restaurant’s multicultural influences. As always, the lobster meat was tender and flavoursome, but the true essence of this dish is the broth.

Made from Chinese wine, scallion, ginger and evaporated milk, it’s an ocean of deliciousness in which the glass noodles shine. Cut into short strips, they soak up the broth easily to make every bite a lesson in perfectly balanced Asian fusion.

lobsterfest - laksa with lobster

If pure Singaporean is more your thing, head straight to the live laksa station for a taste of Pickering Lobster Laksa. I have had so many bowls of this local delight but Lime Restaurant always manages to floor me with the creamy sensory experience of their version at Lobsterfest.

lobsterfest - pepper lobster

Also memorable was the Black Pepper Lobster. It packs a spicy peppery kick worthy of the name and the super soft meat just excels.

lobsterfest - lobster fried rice

I also enjoyed the soft fluffy rice of the XO Lobster Tobiko Fried Rice with its chunks of tasty lobster. Interesting. Flavourful. Oh-so-good.

Somehow, I still managed to make place for dessert (as I always do). Beckoning to the room most sinfully was the prominent Dark Chocolate Fountain. Fondue is my ritual debut to the desserts at every buffet.

lobsterfest - dessserts

Next to it was a dazzling display of Deluxe Verrines in the flavours of Durian Pengat, Passion Fruit With Aiyu Jelly, Cookies And Cream and Strawberry With Oolong Panna Cotta.

There is also the standard range of Seasonal Fresh Fruit and a selection of Ice Cream accompanied by choices of Condiments and Sauces, as well as a variety of Nyonya Kueh, Mousse Cake, Cheesecake, Tarts and Crumbles.

Final thoughts

lobsterfest - all the seafood on 1 table

It’s no surprise that I enjoyed Lobsterfest 2024 at Lime Restaurant. It has become an annual ritual in which I indulge for the myriad ways in which the talented team coaxes out such a range of wonderful flavours from the humble lobster.

lobsterfest - people walking around the buffet

It is a must-attend for fans of seafood and the curious foodie. I’m a bit of both and already pencilling it in for next year.

Buffet Prices:

Lobsterfest is available Mon to Sat (17 May-29 Jun) from 6pm-10pm

SGD 138++ per adult | SGD 69++ per child (Monday to Thursday)

SGD 148++ per adult | SGD 74++ per child (Friday, Saturday, Eve of & on Public Holidays)

Enjoy 15% savings when you pay with a UOB, DBS, POSB, Amex, ICBC or HSBC credit card. 

For dining reservations, please WhatsApp +65 9859 0681 or reserve a seat here.

*This post is brought to you in partnership with PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, Singapore.

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Our Rating 4.5/5


3 Upper Pickering Street, Singapore 058289