Zorba The Greek Taverna: Classic Hellenic Dishes Like Greek Baklava & Mixed Grill Platter Along The Singapore River

Authentic Greek food. Where can one chance upon such nourishing and hearty dishes right on our humble shores? Zorba, The Greek Taverna is the perfect spot to dine into scrumptious, humble Greek bites, situated along the scenic riverbank at Clarke Quay.  

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The Greek restaurant is lined with pillars covered in greenery, tables and chairs decked out in classic Greek colours, white and cobalt blue. As an open-air food establishment, it is an unrivalled dining experience when it comes to enjoying authentic Greek dishes while soaking in the evening sunset. Be assured of the quality of the food here, with traditional ingredients sourced directly from Greek suppliers.    

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Before I began my meal, I admired the view of the Singapore River. Watching the boats move down the water, in addition to the cooling breeze as well as anticipating the food being served, I couldn’t help but feel fortunate to enjoy a slow evening. This is a great choice for those who are looking for a restaurant to unwind after a long day. 

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I started my evening with their Dips Platter (S$28). A classic Greek appetiser, Zorba serves up to six different homemade dips: tzatziki salad dip (greek cucumber yoghurt sauce), hummus dip, tirokafteri dip (spicy sheep feta cheese spread with fresh chillies), taramosalata dip (a cured cod roe sauce with olive oil and lemon juice), paprika dip, and fava dip. 

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Fluffy and warm pita bread was served in a basket. Given my prior enlightening experience with pita bread, I was beyond excited to consume my favourite carb. 

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The different dips served will definitely not bore you, given the wide array of selection for you to pick from. My personal favourite of the lot would be the tzatziki

A classic greek dip made with strained Greek yoghurt, drained cucumber, fresh herbs, garlic, lemon juice and salt, with olive oil mixed evenly, this is a great introductory choice if one is unfamiliar with Greek food. It was cool, mellow and great to have at the start of a full course meal. 

I couldn’t stop myself from savouring this appetiser, and the calories from this dish was definitely worth it. 

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Get this for a fresh reset on your palate from the variety of flavours sampled from your appetisers. The Chef Salad (S$20) is framed in a very photogenic way, much like a square title on your Instagram feed.  

You could have mistaken this dish for a moulded salsa dish easily, but do not be fooled by its looks. With a harmony of flavours put together—avocado, cucumber, celery, quinoa, red onion, pistachio, and tomato in balsamic orange dressing—this dish’s clean flavour profile will aid in carrying your appetite throughout the meal despite the massive portions that will definitely knock you off your feet.

The Greek’s Mixed Grill Platter (S$88) is a must for a true authentic communal Greek food experience. This is definitely a sharing plate, with an ample portion, but not compromising on quality at all. I would say this is great for sharing between three to four people—perhaps a good double date option? 

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The humongous platter encompasses a whole lot of ingredients: cheese-stuffed bifteki, pork gyros, chicken and beef souvlaki, lamb chops and loukaniko (a type of Greek sausage commonly seasoned with orange peel, fennel seed, and various other dried herbs and seeds). This dish was an epitome of meat dishes, perfect for those who are mad about meat. 

At the side, the tzatziki dip along with the salad, complements the heavy proteins. I have to give it to them; despite the crazy amount of meat, every bite I took was of excellent flavour and texture.  

The loukaniko was one that stood out for me, grilled with a nice charred, crispy casing. Biting into it, there was a subtle meatiness that allowed the citrus to be the star of the show. It brought a summery feel that was complemented with the scents of oregano and thyme. 

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We arrived at the seafood side of the world of Greek cuisine. The Htapothi Sti Skhara (S$30) is tedious to prep—first tenderised by the hand as the chef uses a smooth rock to beat it, followed by a #saltbae moment, sprinkling it with saltwater. It’s then followed by an octopus slow-grilled atop a low burning charcoal fire with sea-salt, before the dish is served with Santorini fava sprinkled with olive oil and lemon sauce.  

The texture of the octopus was chewy yet delicate, which was a plus point given my many past unpleasant experiences with octopus. The charred flavour added a delightful contrast to the freshness of the octopus, and with the lemon juice squeezed all over the octopus, this sealed the deal for me. 

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This by far has got to be my favourite Greek dish. The Greek Baklava (S$12) signalled the end of the meal with layers of filo like an imaginary red carpet folded up. Rich, sweet, flaky pastry was filled with chopped nuts, with honey syrup luxuriously drizzled all over the baklava like gold. 

I learnt from my colleague who has a culinary background that making Greek Baklava is a tedious and cumbersome process when making it from scratch. With this knowledge, I appreciated every bite even more. Although the honey syrup that drenched the filo was quite sweet for my liking, I kept digging in for more as the nuts’ gritty texture as well as flavour complemented the filo.

The Greek Baklava, as well as the Dips Platter, are my personal must-haves the next time I return to Zorba to have my fix of wholesome Greek food. Head over to Zorba to explore the world of Greek cuisine, and savour it all.  

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Zorba The Greek Taverna

3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-02, Singapore 179024

Our Rating 5/5

Zorba The Greek Taverna

3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-02, Singapore 179024

Telephone: +65 8558 1704
Operating Hours: 6pm - 12am (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun
Telephone: +65 8558 1704

Operating Hours: 6pm - 12am (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun
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