Soak In Your Very Own Savoury Broth Bath Now On Village Vanguard Online Shop

Have you ever thought of infusing the smell of food into something unusual, let’s say, a savoury bath powder? Village Vanguard Japan, a vintage bookstore that is filled with many intriguing goods, has released a selection of strange Savoury Broth Bath powders, available online at Village Vanguard’s website.

Savory Broth Bath Online 1

Previously, they released renditions that feature grilled meat, with a new flavour just added to the collection: oden. Oden is a classic comfort food to have, as well as to escape from the cold during winter. This flavour will definitely be the epitome of soaking in the comfort of your own home.

Savoury Broth Bath Online 2

Before you start to have thoughts of savouring the “broth” from the bath, hold your horses. At the bottom of the packaging, there’s a disclaimer that it is not edible.

Each bath powder packet is priced at JPY300 or JPY1100 for the variety set.

Snag a pack of Savoury Broth Bath powder now, and get bathing!

Dates & Times: Available online at Village Vanguard’s website

Price: JPY300 per pkt

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