Makcik Chicken: Modern Chicken Rice Cooked Sous-Vide Style With Lava Egg At Aliwal Street

Last Updated: August 25, 2017

Written by Sophie Ng

A new contender joins the saturated chicken rice scene in Singapore – Makcik Chicken attempts to change the perception that people have of the classic chicken rice by giving the dish a modern twist.

Makcik Chicken 1

Located at Aliwal Street, Makcik Chicken is a small shop that sells only chicken rice and mainly does takeaways or delivery via its website, Deliveroo, honestbee and UberEATS.

You won’t find any indoor seats but there’s a bench just outside the store, so you can have your chicken rice there if you can’t wait any longer to dig in.

Makcik Chicken 4

The Confirm Steeemmm Chicken Rice ($9.50) scored brownie points with me with its hipster brown packaging. I was also given a cute sticker, perfect for those of you who like to paste stickers all over your laptop (yes, I know many who do that).

I was immediately greeted with the aroma of Chicken Rice when I opened the box. A generous scoop of Japanese rice was served instead of the usual oily rice, along with huge chunks of sous-vide chicken.

There were two types of chilli served – the usual red chilli sauce, and an additional green chilli sauce. What made the box extra special was the golden lava egg.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Makcik Chicken is the first in Singapore to serve lava eggs with chicken rice, and I’m not complaining!

Makcik Chicken 7

Although the lava egg was executed perfectly with the yolk slightly molten, it was quite cold. It would have been nice to have a warm lava egg instead to enjoy with the meal.

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Makcik Chicken 9

The red chilli sauce was spicy with a strong garlic flavour coming through. It had the right amount of spice and worked very well with every other individual component of the dish.

Makcik Chicken 10

For those who can’t take spice well, the green chilli might be the one for you. Equally fragrant but less spicy, this green chilli was also a tad sourer than the red chilli, but still tasted great nonetheless.

Makcik Chicken 12

I moved on to the highlight of any Chicken Rice dish, the protein. The sous-vide chicken was infused with garlic and ginger and was one of the best pieces of chicken I’ve had in a takeaway before.

Extremely fragrant, flavourful and tender, the chicken could be easily cut with the plastic spoon provided; definitely a bonus for me.

Makcik Chicken 2

Apart from the signature dish, Makcik Chicken also sells Jambu Jampi Juice ($10). Jambu, also known as Rose Apple, is a type of fruit native to the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Makcik Chicken 3

The juice was refreshing and tasted similar to apple juice. It definitely scored presentation points with its sparkly, shiny edible glitter, but this would be the first and last time I’m paying $10 for such a small bottle of juice.

Maybe Makcik Chicken should do without the glitter, and charge the juice at a lower price?

Overall, our makan session at Makcik Chicken was a refreshing experience, different from the usual Chicken Rice served at hawker centres. Although the various components and flavours were on point, $9.50 a box might be a deal breaker for some.

I foresee myself returning to Makcik Chicken for the box of deliciousness, but it will definitely only be a treat every few months.

Expected damage: $9.50 – $20 per pax 

Makcik Chicken: 77 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199948 | Opening Hours: 12pm – 8pm | Tel: +65 8750 4121 | Facebook | Website

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