Mangiamo Pizzeria, Rochor: “The Capricciosa Pizza inspires fervent praise and silent reveries.”

A slight drizzle begins to fall over Mangiamo Pizzeria’s sheltered al fresco dining area as I sit down with two of my closest friends. There’s nothing like a little opportunistic catch-up on company time, especially when we three operate on the most erratic of schedules. Though Albert Court at Rochor stands tranquil and still in the late afternoon, I can already feel the buzz that will brim to life when dusk rolls around.

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Mangiamo Pizzeria comes highly recommended by said two friends, who’ve been here on multiple occasions. Even the waitress, one of the two-person-show who runs this place, recognises them. Come to think of it, how rude of my friends not to bring me here earlier. 

Nevertheless, here we are, to enthusiastic dish dilemmas and keen stomachs. I ate exactly one baby potato prior to coming here. 

We’re wary of the drizzle, ready to scuttle inwards should it develop into a downpour, but unwilling to retreat from the sunlight that’s still beaming through the clouds. In this quiet afternoon, we sink into happy isolation from the noise beyond the gates of Albert Court, content to be well-fed in each other’s company.

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The ingredients at Mangiamo Pizzeria perfectly reflect our stolen moment in their simplicity and wholesomeness. What can you not make with fresh, airy dough, olive oil pressed in its prime fruitiness and the reddest, plumpest of tomatoes? All I want is a hearty meal with my favourite people, and a world of possibilities await in the permutations of these pantry staples. 

What I tried

Mangiamo Pizzeria 10

Our conversation ebbs and flows over the Capricciosa Pizza (S$15 for 13”), inspiring fervent praise and silent enjoyment in turn. It’s the simple composition of mozzarella, tomato, and half-moons of salami that delivers a dish so simple, yet elevated. Within two bites, I know I want to bring my family here.

Mangiamo Pizzeria 5

The pizza becomes the centrepiece to the meal, the point to which we all want to return to end the meal. With springy, stretchy dough that provides just the right amount of resistance in each bite, I’ll be hard-pressed to match this satisfaction in another pizza. 

I douse my slice with chilli oil, letting it stream among the artichokes, black olives and mushrooms scattered over the pizza. The effect of the chilli-infused olive oil is transformative—every bite now has a rich and fruity smoothness to boot.

Mangiamo Pizzeria 6

Next to the Capricciosa Pizza, the Cannelloni Ricotto With Spinach (S$14) appears a little disappointingly small. That’s the conundrum of stuffed pasta and lasagna—their serving sizes always seem to be too little. 

When prepared well, they leave you hankering for more. When fallen short of expectations, it’s a disappointing cliffhanger. 

MangiamoPizzeria 11

Two rolls of pasta sheets stuffed with spinach ricotta lie delicately in tomato sauce. I decide that the ricotta filling is too dry for my liking, though my companions beg to disagree. It’s subjectivity at its finest—the dish is cleaned out by the time we’re done.

Mangiamo Pizzeria 4

In the intimacy of three close friends sharing a Beef Sirloin Steak (S$16), everyone gets a small juicy share. Tender, with a balanced proportion of fat, I understand why my friends mandated this order the moment we sat down at Mangiamo Pizzeria.

MangiamoPizzeria 3

Strangely enough, it comes accompanied by thousand island dressing, sending me right into confusion. Thousand island dressing has established its image in my perception as a childish condiment, blatantly flavoured without the elegance of finer dining. It feels incongruent to Mangiamo Pizzeria’s classy style, but I suppose it’s meant for the salad on the side. At any rate, it keeps the dish grounded from too many frills and fancies, and we did want to stay down-to-earth.

It’s a very affordable price to pay for good steak, and though the potato wedges, salad, and thousand island barely charm me, I’m content that every cent goes into the meat.

Mangiamo Pizzeria 12

The quality of the food, compounded by our rueful unwillingness to leave Mangiamo Pizzeria, compels us to order dessert. As if it were made just for us, three Profiteroles (S$8) arrive to extend our stay and placate the ending meal. 

They’re refreshingly chilled, with an airy choux pastry surrounding even lighter cream. As chocolate and cream mix, the three of us fall into a contented reverie again. 

Final thoughts

Two days after that happy afternoon, I write while cocooned in solitude at home. In a parallel to that day, this morning’s rainfall is receding into droplets dripping from the trees. 

That bubble of time at Mangiamo Pizzeria with my friends feels like a stolen moment in the chaos of clashing schedules. Two days later, it’s a different kind of isolation, but a peaceful one all the same. 

Expected Damage: S$12 – S$27 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Mangiamo Pizzeria

180 Albert Street, Village Hotel Albert Court, #01-19B, Singapore 189971

Our Rating 5/5

Mangiamo Pizzeria

180 Albert Street, Village Hotel Albert Court, #01-19B, Singapore 189971

Telephone: +65 8133 8494
Operating Hours: 2pm - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8133 8494

Operating Hours: 2pm - 10pm (Daily)