New Percy Pig Ice Cream at Marks & Spencer SG Will Re-ignite Childhood Glee

Are you a fan of Marks & Spencer‘s Percy Pig gummies? If you are, you’d be pleased to know that they’ve just rolled out their latest delight: the Percy Pig Ice Cream (S$9.50 per tub).

This new summer ice cream is flavoured with the iconic Percy Pig candy made by the British brand. The pink pig-shaped gummies come in raspberry, strawberry, cherry and grape flavours.

Marksnspencer Percypig Online 1

This fruity treat features raspberry sauce swirls and strawberry marshmallows studded through “Percy Pig-flavoured” ice cream. Enjoy a tangy and sweet dessert with chewy bites of marshmallow to add that extra texture.

Unlike what its name might suggest, the ice cream is actually suitable for vegetarians.

While the candy originally used to include pork gelatine (how fitting), they completely switched over to a vegetarian, gelatine-free recipe in 2019. If you follow a meat-free diet, this must be good news for you.

Marksnspencer Percypig Online 2

Walking through Marks & Spencer Food Halls is always an exercise in restrain for me. Their wide selection of groceries, snacks, ready-made meals, bakery pastries and desserts are so tempting that I have to forcibly remove myself before I remove their stock.

The Percy Pig Ice Cream is only available in-store, so I’m already bracing myself to resist over-buying when I’m there. I suggest you mentally prepare for the temptations you’re going to undergo there too.

Date & Time: Now available at Marks & Spencer stores island-wide

Price: S$9.50 per tub