Meal Sharing: Enjoy Home-Cooked Food Around The Globe With This Airbnb For Meals

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Ever find yourself overseas and yearning to have a taste of the authentic and local cuisine? Meal Sharing takes the concept of Airbnb and translates that into home-cooked meals.

Inspired by a meal that he had in Cambodia, Meal Sharing’s founder and CEO, Jay Savasni, launched the website to provide travellers with access to meals cooked by local hosts.

Hosts decide on the menu, the time of the day the meals would be available, and the price of the meals. If travellers are interested in a particular meal, they can choose to book it and pay through the website.

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Meal Sharing aims to bring people together through healthy, home-cooked meals. All travellers have to do is pay, show up, enjoy the meal and meet new people.

If you’re interested in meeting people from around the world and sharing your culture and cuisine with them, consider signing up as a host. Bring the world closer together, starting with a home-cooked meal today!

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