Rare Mini Red & Orange “Baby” Durians From Sabah Too Cute to Eat

Every year when durian season comes around, I’m always excited to get a taste of our favourite King of Fruits.

This year, though, things are a little different because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. No more crowding at durian stalls while vendors hawk their best, sweetest durians to their eager audience.

Luckily, we still have durian delivery services, and it’s not entirely impossible to get durians from nearby stalls. And if you’ve gotten bored of the usual rallying cries of “Mao Shan Wang! D24!”, then here’s something new for a change.

Mini Durians Sabah Duriant Dalit Durian Sukang Online 3

Ever seen durians that fit snugly into your palm? These cute little “baby” durians are from Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei, but they’re not sold commercially—which explains why us Singaporeans haven’t really seen much of them.

There are actually two breeds of durians that grow in miniature, the Durian Sukang and Durian Dalit.

The Durian Dalit looks just like a normal durian, but much, much smaller. Round in shape with long, spiky thorns, each Durian Dalit cracks open to reveal orangey-yellow, creamy flesh.

Mini Durians Sabah Duriant Dalit Durian Sukang Online 2
Mini Durians Sabah Duriant Dalit Durian Sukang Online 1

For something a little more unique, the Durian Sukang is the one to try. Crack one of these palm-sized little babies open, and under the golden husk you’ll find shockingly red durian flesh.

Taste-wise, those who have tried them said that Durian Sukang and Durian Dalit are less creamy than the regular durians. They’re usually sold in bundles, and prices vary from RM15 to RM35 per kg (approx. S$4.89 to S$11.40). Durian season for these mini durians come by in October to December, normally.

I know we still can’t travel over to Malaysia, but check with your neighbourhood durian seller—you just might be pleasantly surprised!

Dates & Times: Availability depends on durian harvest

Prices: RM15 to RM35 per kg (approx. S$4.89 to S$11.40 per kg)