First dibs: Mister Donut — Famous, yummy donuts, but not worth the 4 hour queue time

By now, many donut enthusiasts in Singapore would already be aware that the popular American donut brand, Mister Donut, will be operating as a pop-up store in the basement of Jurong Point from 15 July 2022 for a limited period of time only. Though originating from the USA, Mister Donut has become an incredibly popular brand in Japan, which is where many of us may know it from.

mister donut - storefront at jurong point

On the first day of Mister Donut’s sales, I headed down to WAttention Plaza in Jurong Point with the intention of securing a box of donuts.

I arrived 10 minutes before the official opening at 11am, and was greeted by a massive, snaking queue that ran all the way to through the length of the Japanese food street and even looped. According to a staff member, members of the public started queuing at 9.30am!

mister donut - queue

As time went on, the queue for Mister Donut did not dwindle. Eventually, the Jurong Point security had to cut off the queue at around 1pm, seeing that stocks would run out.

I joined the queue at 10.50am and finally secured my box of donuts at 3.05pm, meaning that I had queued for a total of four hours and 15 minutes.

The donuts were priced at S$2.30 or S$2.50 each. Alternatively, a bundle of 6 donuts cost S$13.50 while 10 donuts were S$22. By the time I had reached the front of the queue, there were only a few flavours remaining, with Mister Donut’s famous Pon De Ring donuts already being sold out. The staff informed me that there would be a one hour wait for them, so I decided to forego them.

I was exhausted from the queuing, but getting my hands on a box of these illustrious donuts made me feel like I had just won the lottery. I strolled out of Jurong Point, holding my box of donuts like it was an Olympic gold medal.

mister donut - donuts

Now for the moment of truth: were these morsels of fried goodness worth the taxing four hours I had spent waiting?

mister donut - donuts

I managed to obtain the following flavours: Old-Fashioned, Chocolate Old-Fashioned, Chocolate, Golden Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate and Angel Cream.

The Old-Fashioned donuts were delightfully crunchy on the outside while being soft and dense on the inside, and to my surprise, they were not very sweet, compared to many other donut brands that tend to be overly saccharine. The Chocolate Old-Fashioned was especially delicious, as the dip of chocolate gave it a delightful cocoa taste.

mister donut - chocolate donuts

The Chocolate, Golden Chocolate and Coconut Chocolate donuts had a very cakey consistency and fell apart quite easily. Like the Old-Fashioned donuts, these were very soft and dense. The cocoa taste wasn’t all that strong, in my opinion, but they still made for some delicious donuts.

mister donut - angel cream donut

Finally, the Angel Cream donut was filled with light whipped cream. It had a pillowy soft bread-like texture and tasted the most familiar to me. The whipped cream wasn’t too sweet and together with the icing sugar, this was a tasty treat.

I enjoyed all of the donuts and I can definitely understand the appeal for them, given how soft they were and how they managed to be tasty yet not too sweet. However, for S$2.30 and S$2.50, they were quite small in size and weren’t exceptional in flavour.

mister donut - donuts on display

The verdict? I think I’d rather save up for a round trip to Japan than to undergo the arduous four hours of waiting again, especially given how Mister Donut’s signature flavours were not even available by the time I reached the front of the line.

Given the unbelievably long queue that formed on Mister Donut’s first day in Singapore, I think it’s safe to say that if Mister Donut opened a permanent outlet in Singapore, it would be massively successful.

And finally, dear readers, if you’re looking to brave the throngs of fellow donut enthusiasts to get your hands on a box, please never forget to remain respectful of both the Mister Donut staff and the Jurong Point security team, even if your choice donuts aren’t available. Donuts are great and all, but at the end of the day, they’re just donuts.

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Mister Donut

63 Jurong West Central 3, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, #B1-78A, Singapore 648886

Our Rating 4/5

Mister Donut

63 Jurong West Central 3, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, #B1-78A, Singapore 648886

Operating Hours: 11am - sold out (limited time)

Operating Hours: 11am - sold out (limited time)