Acclaimed gelato brand, Momolato, opens Haji Lane shop serving halal & keto-friendly, all-natural treats

What’s better than gelato to the rescue amidst Singapore’s blistering heat? I suppose my answer that fateful weekday has to be Momolato‘s new brick-and-mortar shop at Haji Lane. Famed for its award-winning gula melaka gelato that won it the Asia-Pacific title in Gelato World Tour Final 2015, Momolato has held its own over the last several years. So, it comes as (almost) no surprise that we are now blessed with a physical store where we get a taste of an array of gelato flavours, most of which are keto-friendly, and all sugar-free and halal.

Momolato interior

Momolato menu on wall

Not only that, but this store has an assortment of waffles, smoothies, and popsicles that’ll ease the heat from our unforgiving tropical weather. To begin your cool-down session, why not start with a Watermelon Mint Popsicle Spritzer (S$7.80)? It’ll instantly crank down the temperature with bright mint and hydrating watermelon.

Watermelon Mint Popsicle Spritzer

Best part is that the popsicle is a kiwi-watermelon fusion so you’ll have a hit of tang right in the middle, and you’ll be glad to know that there are no added sugars to this drink—bottoms up!

Momolato 4

By far, the most popular waffle they offer is the Pandan (S$6.90), to which I married the Kochi Yuzu Shisho and Sea Salt Roasted Sicilian Pistachio. Brimming with nutty flavours—and that perky hit of shiso(!)—I couldn’t ask for a better start to my dessert. For full prices of gelato scoops and waffle prices, click here.

Croffle with 2 scoops of gelato

My favourite of all has to be their Croffle (from S$6.60). Incredibly flaky and chewy, these are amazingly delicious even on their own. I would happily swing by here just to buy one to-go. BTW, if you’re really into tea, I implore you to check out the Oolong Kyoto Hojicha (pictured above, on the left). It carries a beautiful bouquet and rich notes of sesame and roasted nuts.

Keto waffle

Making things more interesting here is their Keto waffle (S$12), made plain and serves as a great vehicle for any gelato flavour of your choosing. While it certainly might not be as sweet as you’d expect a waffle to be, I quite enjoyed the doughy texture and bland profile; it only made me appreciate the gelato flavours even more.

Mao Shan Wang gelato

I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to sink my teeth into their Mao Shan Wang gelato—impressively created dairy-free. In fact, I’m so glad that most of their creations are sans dairy, given my sensitivity to it. In spite of the lack of dairy, the Mao Shan Wang scoop proved to be incredibly luxurious and creamy; it’s certainly any durian lover’s dream come true.

They also serve waffle cones—it seems like their sweets never end!—which are deliciously thin and crisp, but don’t sog prematurely before you’ve had a chance to finish most of your gelato. Now, that’s a real win in this balmy weather.

With anywhere up to 18 flavours at a time for your picking, Momolato sure is a gelato cafe that’ll compel you to keep returning so you can have a taste of everything they offer. The best part is they open till 2am on weekends, so you don’t have to rush through dinner just to pop in before closing.

Date & Time: Momolato is now open | 12pm – 11pm (Sun to Thu), 12pm – 2am (Fri & Sat)

Price: From S$4.90 per gelato scoop (Signature)

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Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5


34 Haji Lane, Singapore 189227

Our Rating 5/5


34 Haji Lane, Singapore 189227

Operating Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Sun to Thu), 12pm - 2am (Fri & Sat)

Operating Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Sun to Thu), 12pm - 2am (Fri & Sat)
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