An Inside Look At What Makes Morton’s The Steakhouse THE BEST Steakhouse In Singapore

Morton’s The Steakhouse has been around in Singapore for quite a while now, establishing itself as one of the best when it comes to having a great steak experience.

With locations all over America as well as throughout Asia, the American brand has done well in ensuring that standards are consistent throughout the decades. In Singapore, it operates out of Mandarin Oriental, a stone’s throw from the Esplanade Theatres in the heart of Singapore’s Central district.

High Standards & An Immaculate Dining Area

The establishment has served beef lovers for a long time now, and evident to that would be the photos of the regular customers and celebrities that frame the wall as you enter the restaurant.

Aside from that little bit of memorabilia and heritage, Morton’s upholds a pretty high standard when it comes to ensuring that the dining area looks nothing short of immaculate. Each table is set with precision and uniform – no spots on your wine glasses, no smudges on your cutlery and nothing where it shouldn’t be.

The Steaks Are All Prime Quality

All the beef that’s served in the steakhouse is prime, which is the highest grade of quality that’s issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The steaks arrive in the restaurant sealed, ensuring that they’re uber fresh for service.

This seal of approval basically means that these steaks are the most tender, juicy and flavourful. The meat is also graded on the marbling and maturity of the steak, once again assuring consistency across the board, be it whether you’re dining in Manhattan, Shanghai or in Singapore.

Prime status for beef is so rare that only two percent of steaks in America are awarded such stature.

At Morton’s, the steaks aren’t tampered with much, thus further maintaining the quality. It wouldn’t do justice to the steak to douse it in marinade or a dry rub as it’s packed with richness and incredible flavour.

Beef Is Seasoned With Morton’s In-House Seasoning Salt

The chefs do however, dress the beef with a light sprinkling of their own Morton’s in-house seasoning salt. It’s then placed in the broiler for a good eight to ten minutes, depending on the thickness and/or temperature of the steak.

The broiler and prep kitchen is open and in full view of diners, which is always a plus for people who enjoy watching chefs in action. Once in the broiler, the steak sits on one side before being flipped just once again and then plated.

Mortons 1

It all looks like a casual barbecue to be honest, seeing a chef work with tongs, but then again there’s a reason for everything. The tongs help to keep your steak intact, ensuring that it doesn’t get punctured during the cooking process and lose any moisture or juice to the broiler, instead of to hungry customers.

Mortons 4

And whilst nobody can tell you how best to consume your steak, it’s always recommended that you do go for a medium rare. Then again, if you’re a great believer in thoroughly cooking the moisture out of your meat, they’ll oblige you too.

Mortons 3

There’s no room for judgment or wide-eyed horror, only kind suggestions and open hearts. Service staff arrive hours prior to service and are taken through the events of the evening, ensuring that all your needs are catered to if you’re dining in.

At Morton’s, staff are cherry-picked and trained, upholding their standards of providing genuine and heartfelt service to patrons.

Complimentary Steak Sandwiches During Happy Hour

There are two dining areas that you as a guest will get to choose from as well – you could have your steak in the quiet, calming ambience of a fine-dining steakhouse, or in the bar located just above it. The bar area serves some really excellent martinis, as well as a round of complimentary steak sandwiches during Happy Hour.

In all, Morton’s The Steakhouse has established itself as a mainstay amongst other steak restaurants in Singapore. You don’t really need to convince anybody about the quality of food as well as the exceptionally genuine service, as its reputation as the best steakhouse in Singapore far precedes it.

Expected damage: $150 – $200 per pax

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Morton’s The Steakhouse: Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Lvl 4), 5 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039797 | Opening Hours (Mon to Sat) 5.30pm – 11pm, (Sun) 12pm – 9pm | Tel: +65 6339 3740 | Website

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Morton’s The Steakhouse