New Lucky Claypot Rice: Perfectly Charred Claypot Dishes At Holland Drive That Your Grandparents Would Approve Of

New Claypot Rice Store Front_

Claypot rice seemed to be well-liked by the older generation. I never expected myself to take a liking to it, even with my extensive love for all kinds of Singaporean hawker food.

New Lucky Claypot Rice has completely changed my mind. Situated in Holland Drive Market & Food Centre, the humble stall definitely tops the list for both affordability and taste in terms of claypot rice.

Holland Drive Food Centre is also newly renovated — offering an airy, spacious and clean dining area which boasts many other stellar hawker food stalls.

New Claypot Rice Kitchen Shot _

The signature Claypot Wu Wei Rice came after a 15 to 20 minutes wait as the rice is glazed in a claypot at high heat to perfection. It comes in options for  two pax ($10/$15), three pax ($15/$20) and four pax ($20/$25).

Alternatively, you can also try the Claypot Chicken Rice if you want something without pork.

New Claypot Rice Claypot Wu Wei Rice Full Bowl_

The Claypot Wu Wei Rice was a hearty dish with an array of ingredients, which satisfied all my senses after a good mix with the speciality dark sauce and a generous drizzle of oil.

New Claypot Rice Claypot Rice Sauce_

The chunks of chicken thigh and breast in the claypot rice definitely scored an A+ from me, with it being tender and well-seasoned. Each spoonful was filled with just the right amount of salted fish and mix of lap cheong (Chinese sausages). It had a delectable taste from cooking with charcoal, which kept me coming back for more scoops.

New Claypot Rice Scoop Of Rice_

The dish was very reasonably priced considering its portion size and generous servings of ingredients. As usual, hawker food always scores the highest for satisfying both my wallet and my belly. 

The fun part of every claypot rice meal is the the crispy charred ends of rice stuck to the pot when you’re done devouring the majority of it. I loved how there was a thin layer of that to scrape up and enjoy at the end.

New Claypot Rice Lotus Root Soup 2

New Lucky Claypot Rice also offers five traditional soups. We had a bowl of the Lotus Root With White Fungus Soup ($4), which reminded me of the soup that my grandma makes.

The broth was  the ideal go-to comfort food and I really enjoyed the generous serving of lotus roots and pork-ribs that were slow-cooked to perfection.

New Claypot Rice Stirring Vegetables

The plate of Oyster Sauce Vegetables ($4/$5/$6) unfortunately didn’t quite suit my palate. Cooked simply with the vegetables boiled and topped with oyster sauce, the dish ended up being overly salty and soggy.

New Claypot Rice Chicken Leg Photo_

I’d recommend ordering the Chicken Feet with Mushroom ($8), which was glorious. I especially enjoyed this dish as the chicken feet, mushroom and black fungus were braised to perfect chewiness. The savoury sauce also wasn’t too salty — a perfect match to the claypot rice. 

New Claypot Rice Full Table_

New Lucky Claypot Rice is THE place for good ol’ claypot rice in Singapore. The dishes are packed with ingredients and you’ll be hard pressed to find somewhere else offering such affordability.

To avoid the long waiting time, give them a phone-call to make reservations at least 30 to 45 minutes in advance. I would definitely go back for the claypot rice — even my grandmother agrees!

Expected damage: $9.50 per person 

New Lucky Claypot Rice: 44 Holland Dr, Singapore 270044 | Tel: +65 6778 7808 | Opening Hours: (Mon, Tues, Thurs to Sun) 11am – 1pm, 5pm – 8.30pm, Closed on Wednesdays | Facebook