PABLO: Iconic Cheese Tarts With A Gooey Centre & Cheese Soft Serve At The First SG Store In Wisma Atria

pablo cheese tart singapore logo

After months (and months) of waiting, the beloved PABLO from Japan finally made its way to Singapore! The shop, which is the first outlet here, is set to open at Wisma Atria on 8 August, 12pm sharp. Mark your calendar, guys.


pablo cheese tart singapore cafe

The 78-seater PABLO Cheese Tart Cafe will feature the ever-famous PABLO Cheese Tart, as well as other cheese-based delights such as smoothies and soft-serve ice-cream. Are you intrigued yet?

Flavours of the tarts on sale include the original Cheese, Matcha Cheese and Chocolate Cheese. All tarts will be about 15cm wide and baked “medium”, which means the centre will be ooey-gooey with a custard-like filling.

The Cheese Tart ($15) came with an apricot glaze, and its sweetness helped to cut through the cheesy filling, which might get a bit jelak. The slightly thick baked crust was also a hit, as I enjoyed eating the pastry along with the cheese centre.

The Matcha Cheese Tart ($18) had a strong green tea flavour along with a slight tinge of cheesiness. As a self-proclaimed matcha lover, I approve of this tart. You may also bite into one or two shiratama mochi in your slice!

The Chocolate Cheese Tart ($18) tasted decadent and rich, with a strong cocoa flavour. While a little too sweet for my liking, this would be perfect for chocolate lovers.

We also had a try of the Premium Cheese Tart ($7.50 per slice, $28 full tart), which was crustless and finished with a creme brûlée caramel top layer. The firmer texture of the cheese filling combined with the sweet burnt sugar was a clear winner.

pablo cheese tart singapore shake

The Cheese Tart Smoothie ($7.80) was also one of my favourites. Fresh cream cheese and apricot sauce might sound weird at first, but trust me, this drink will definitely win you over.

pablo cheese tart singapore softserve icecream

We tried the Cheese Soft Serve Cone ($3.90), a swirl of ice-cream that tasted like a mix between vanilla and cheese. Despite its novelty, I found myself enjoying the light-tasting ice-cream that was not overly cloyingThis would be a treat, especially with Singapore’s sweltering heat.

The Mini Cheese Tart ($3.50) will be for sale as well — this bite-size treat would be more convenient for individuals. I particularly loved the crust of this tart as well.

pablo cheese tart singapore logo 2

Long queues are to be expected at the cafe, so do be prepared to camp at Wisma Atria until you get your PABLO fix.

Expected Damage: $3.50 – $15 per pax

PABLO: Wisma Atria #01-02/03, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm | Contact: +65 6835 9269 | Website | Facebook