PAZZION Café: Kick Back & Relax With Cold Truffle Pasta And King Prawn Linguine At Jewel Changi Airport

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Jewel Changi Airport is Singapore’s newest pride and joy, with the establishment being home to a multitude of eateries and shopping options. One of them is PAZZION Café and it serves as an amalgamation of both fashion and food.

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Typically, we are familiar with PAZZION to be a footwear brand. They’ve now taken one step further by creating a holistic shopping experience with PAZZION Café located right next to their Jewel Changi Airport footwear outlet.

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The 45-seater café sports a monochromatic design, with hints of copper, giving off vintage chill vibes. Upon entering the cafe, we were hit by waves of aromatic coffee. You even have the option to enjoy the view of the calming HSBC Rain Vortex at their outdoor seating area.

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Our first dish was the Baked Eggs (S$16), served in a mini soup pot, and sourdough by the side for dipping. With the open kitchen concept, we had a full view of the entire cooking process.

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A combination of baked eggs, chicken con carne, and bacon were torched right before our eyes! As we dipped the sourdough in for a taste, the savoury notes of the creamy mix proved to blend well with the buttery sourdough bread. This dish quickly became one of my favourites.

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Coming in right after, was the B.E.L.T Burger (S$16), which in itself was a visual treat. The buttery bun was drenched with their house cheese sauce, and help up bacon strips, over-easy eggs, fresh lettuce and tomato. It’s a refreshing take on the typical burger, which all of us thoroughly enjoyed.

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PAZZION Café’s King Prawn Linguine (S$22) was by far the most majestic dish we feasted our eyes on.

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It was topped with grilled King prawns, bacon bits, and juicy fish roe. The linguine was coated with a rich and creamy sauce that was a bit too heavy for our liking.

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Now for the dish we were anticipating. Stuffed and Flaky (S$16) sports a literal flaky croissant that’s stuffed with perfectly scrambled eggs and a smooth avocado spread. The union of flavours and textures was magic in our mouths, and resulted in this becoming a second-favourite.

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The Cold Truffle Pasta (S$18) was set on the table, and a strong truffle aroma emanated throughout the area. I was surprised that it wasn’t as pungent as other truffle dishes I’ve had.

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Again, it’s a beautiful presentation of pan-seared scallop sitting atop chilled angel hair pasta. To our pleasure, we weren’t overwhelmed by the truffle oil. I am a huge fan of this dish!

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Our next dish was the Quinoa Bowl (S$18). This healthful grain bowl was garnished with avocado slices, an onsen egg, and lightly grilled salmon. We recommend squeezing the torched lime for extra zest!

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This dish is easy and light for the calorie-watchers. I must say, the avocado gave the quinoa some complexity, and surprised me by not ending up too mushy or buttery.

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For dessert, we had French Toast (S$17) which two slices French brioche upon a bed of crème anglaise dotted with fruits — poached pear, caramelised banana, sweet berries — and maple syrup by the side for drizzling.

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Poaching the pear locks in the essences which are then released when eaten. Although the brioche was on the denser side, it was complemented by the thin, milky custard.

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PAZZION Café’s pride nests in their curated Cold Brew Coffee (S$6.50). The entire process happens in-house for over 16 hours, creating coffee that’s low in acidity and extremely smooth.

Pour the coffee into the glass garnished with an orange slice, infusing a dash of citrus notes into the coffee to make your afternoon.

The feature wall is sure to catch your attention and you’ll want to snap some Insta-worthy shots there. The food here is commendable and I can’t wait to return as I hear they’re releasing spicier dishes soon!

Chope Reservations

Expected Damage: S$15 – S$22 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport, #B1-243, Singapore 819666

Our Rating 4/5


78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport, #B1-243, Singapore 819666

Telephone: +65 6876 9138
Operating Hours: 9am - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6876 9138

Operating Hours: 9am - 10pm (Daily)
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