Popeyes’ new Mac ‘n Cheese Chicken Sandwich is inspired by fans

Popeyes has launched the ultimate comfort food in the form of its new Mac ‘n Cheese Chicken Sandwich (S$7.40). If you’re someone who constantly struggles to pick between having a fried chicken burger or a cheesy bowl of macaroni to fill you up, this new Popeyes product has you covered.

image of popeyes' mac 'n cheese chicken sandwich

Popeye’s new Mac ‘n Cheese Chicken Sandwich features a heaping pile of creamy, cheese-covered macaroni atop a crispy chicken thigh fillet and pickle slices, sandwiched between two buttery brioche buns.

This indulgent sandwich is inspired by Popeyes’ fans as it consists of two massively popular menu items combined into one stunning sandwich.

The sandwich can be purchased a la carte for S$7.40, but more peckish customers can opt for their Set for 1 (S$9.40), which consists of one Mac ‘n Cheese Chicken Sandwich, one regular Cajun Fries and one Regular Pepsi.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to share this decadent loaded sandwich with someone, you could choose to opt for the Combo for 2 (S$17.90), where you will receive one Mac ‘n Cheese Chicken Sandwich, one large Cajun Fries, three Cheesy Tenders and two regular Pepsi.

image of popeyes' chicken sandwich and mac 'n cheese chicken sandwich

I always love when fast food outlets try something new and experiment with more outlandish and interesting dishes. The combination of a fried chicken sandwich and macaroni and cheese is definitely not the most nutritious meal in the world, but honestly, what good is fast food if you don’t take the chance to indulge in something a little less healthy?

Popeyes’ Mac ‘n Cheese Chicken Sandwich will be available at Popeyes’ outlets until 27 June 2022, so be sure to catch this glorious limited-edition creation while you still can.

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