Poulet: Singapore French Restaurant Review

“More than just chicken”

Poulet Raffles City french restaurant singapore

I first came across Poulet in 2012 and two years later, the French-themed restaurant with their famed roasted chicken is doing better than ever. Poulet is literally ‘chicken’ in French, so that’s to be expected.

We were invited to check out their new menu – overhauling several new and improved offerings, that would surely surprise the ‘I-have-tried-everything-there’ to the ‘been-there, done-that’ jaded local foodies.

Now, check out what we tried at Poulet.

Poulét | Raffles City Shopping Center

My ideal refreshing starter, Salad de Canard Fume ($12.90), is well-suited to our hot climate with chopped garden salad, juicy smoked duck slices, complemented with orange wedges, roasted pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and lightly dressed in raspberry dressing.

Poulet singapore mushroom soup

For soup lovers, the Countryside Mushroom Soup ($5.90) has richness of creamy mushroom, together with toast croutons and mushroom bits is well-balanced in my opinion.

Poulet singapore onion soup

For the traditionalist, the clear French Onion Soup ($5.90), with generous slithers of caramelised french onion and cheese croutons. Note it does not come with the melted cheese that many might expect, but the intensity of the Fond de Veau (classic French veal stock) still gives a might salty punch.

Poulet Raffles City Shopping Center Halibut Gougonette

Those looking for a crispy fix should try the Halibut Gougonette ( $9.90) as a commendable starter.

Poulet Halibut en Papillote raffles city

Let’s get into the new items on the menu, starting with the poster star: Halibut en Papillote ($17.90). A decent serving of Halibut baked in parchment paper with garden veggies and white wine sauce.

The act of unwrapping this dish is a joy – the moment you twist and unfold the paper, a steaming, inviting aroma of Halibut floats up. The asparagus, carrots & mushroom are thorough cooked and fully absorbed the essence of the fish & white wine sauce.

Poulét | Raffles City Shopping Center

The next new dish on the menu, is none other than the Ratatouille ($5.90), a hearty rustic dish of stewed vegetables, with tomato, zucchinis, egg plants and bell peppers. It is a side dish that really showcases french dining experience.

Poulet | Raffles City Shopping Center

Another new menu highlight is the Pissaladière – it is a classic dish from Provence.  We tried the Pissaladière de Poulét ($12.90) and Mushroom Pissaladière ($11.90). Puff pastry fans will love this Provencal Pissaladière with its golden crust that was crispy to the bite.

Full of texture with a chew spread with only a caramelised onion jam base without any cheese. Definitely not like the typical pizzas you find in Singapore.

Poulet Mushroom Pissaladiere

I particularly enjoyed the Mushroom Pissaladière, with more-than-generous amount of button mushrooms in a mere 3″ square.

poulet roti singapore raffles city

Of course the undisputed star of Poulét is still that classic, amazingly tender brined chicken that brings fame to Poulét. The Poulet Roti with Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce (Half $15.90) after the 3rd time having it – never fails to satisfy the tummy.

Poulet informed me that they only use fresh (and not frozen) chicken and is roasted daily for Raffles City outlet to maintain the quality and freshness, although the small restaurant will get their roasted chicken delivered from elsewhere.

Poulét | Raffles City Shopping Center

Truffle Mashed Potato ($5.90) is definitely worth that additional dollar more than the regular mashed potato. The truffle oil infused really lifts up the taste of the smooth mashed potato.

Poulét | Raffles City Shopping Center

Poulet’s commendable dessert selections are great for sharing (unless of course, you have a big appetite for desserts). The Creme Brûlée ($8.90) and Tiramisu ($7.90) are classic desserts that are a safe option to satisfy any craving.  The Creme Brûlée is served in a long shallow dish to enjoy the a wide area of caramelised layer with every spoonful.

Poulét | Raffles City Shopping Center

The Tiramisu is served in a jar – deep enough for us to spoon into and appreciate all the layers of tiramisu with the soft cake below. Ohh, that thick layer of cocoa powder is so satisfying to dig into.

Poulét | Raffles City Shopping Center

Last, but definitely not least, the traditional Peach Clafoutis ($7.90) served with Vanilla ice-cream is such a well-balanced dessert alternating between sweetness of cold vanilla ice-cream and the hidden hot peaches (if you can find it). This is now my new favourite dessert in Poulet.

I deem it a worthy successor to the Banana Bread Pudding that it replaced from the old menu.

poulet raffles city singapore restaurant

Less cheese, more white meat that is roasted or steamed- Poulet is pretty healthy with their cooking methods.

Poulet, managed by the Minor Food Group, is fast expanding into its 10th outlet, and definitely doing some right from all the long queues; not only is it affordable, it is easily accessible across Singapore. Its affordability enables us to enjoy typically expensive French food, with less guilt on both the wallet and the tummy.

Expected Damage: $25 – $40 per pax

Poulet Raffles City Branch: 252 North Bridge Road #B1-65/66  Singapore 179103 | Tel: 6336 3119  | Website