Go Green With New Privé Plant-based Croissant Out Now

Look out vegans! If you’ve always hankered for pastries that are dairy and nut-free, I have good news for you. Privé has your back with their new plant-based croissants (S$3.80).

Let yourself indulge in a croissant made entirely plant-based, without the egg, dairy and nut ingredients that typical renditions include.

Prive Vegancroissant Online 1

For those who’ve had to hold back on tempting goodies because of vegan restrictions, this must sound like a real treat. Just imagine the comfort of enjoying that delightful pastry knowing that it doesn’t contravene the no-dairy rule. Love is an open door.

Even if you don’t follow a vegan or plant-based diet, there’s nothing stopping you from trying this exciting new version of a classic pastry. The Privé plant-based croissant innovatively makes enjoying this French pastry a much more inclusive and environmentally-friendly experience.

Prive Vegancroissant Online 2

We’ve always been told how consuming less meat products can reduce our carbon footprints and improve our health. While I’m not preaching for everyone to make a 180-degree turn, it sure is nice to bask in the little benefits of enjoying a little plant-based treat. Maybe the Privé plant-based croissant will be your next Meatless Monday contribution.

Don’t hang back and wonder! Get yourself a flaky and airy Privé plant-based croissant to see if you can differentiate it from a traditional version.

Date & Time: Now available at Privé Keppel, Privé Tiong Bahru, Privé ACM and Privé Paragon 

Price: S$3.80 per croissant