Quarter Life Coffee: An Indulgent Single-Origin Coffee Experience From Across The World Located At Rochor

Just a stone’s throw away from Rochor MRT Station is a cosy and hipster-looking corner called Bunker Bunker where you can find Quarter Life Coffee.

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Quarter Life Coffee is a roastery that focuses on single-origin coffee beans.

“There’s always something inspiring about visiting a new origin” is the idea behind most of the company’s coffee creations. With every place that the founders visit, they source for a new coffee bean to specialise in.

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When I mentioned cosy, I meant it because of the relatively small space, with room for only eight people. The rest of the space in the cafe is for the open kitchen and the fridges that contain cold brews and beers.

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There are also seats outside under a tent where customers can sip on their coffee. But with the intense heat of Singapore, the indoors cafe seating would be highly preferred over the tent seating.

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For our first cup, we savoured the Washed/Pour Over coffee (S$6). The coffee bean blend for this cup is named La Isabel Cabellero, paying tribute to the farms who produced the beans from Honduras, Marcala. This lot is produced by Marysabel Caballero on her farm La Isabel which is named after her mother, Sandra Isabel.

Something interesting about this coffee is that its taste differs when hot and cold. 

When it is hot, the taste is relatively bitter but when cool, the bitterness is more subtle. If you didn’t know, the bitterness of a coffee is mostly influenced by roasting and the method of preparing the brew. 

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In Quarter Life Coffee’s recent write-up on their website, where they discuss all things coffee, the focus was on Myanmar coffee beans. They mentioned that the conditions of the terroirs and the high altitudes in Myanmar are perfect for producing high-quality coffees.

With that, we had to try out their Pa-O Tonic Cold Brew (S$6.50) which is a slightly fizzy cold brew tonic made from coffee beans grown in Myanmar. The owners wanted this brew to give drinkers a refreshing boost in this sunny weather.

Quarter Life Coffee 4

It gave off very strong berry notes which I fancied very much. On the taster’s flavour wheel, this cup definitely lands itself on the enzymatic section.

The aromas I gathered from the coffee are described as enzymatic properties that may remind you of the original plant life state that the coffee bean came from. The chemical reaction of sugars and amino acids in the coffee fruit results in the fruity, floral or herbal aromas.

Quarter Life Coffee 8

Moving onto their espresso and latte Tasting Flight (S$6), we tried the beans from Las Brisas. This pairing was definitely my favourite because I could enjoy both a Single Espresso Shot and a Single Shot Latte.

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When enjoying the espresso shot, it is advised to stir first because the essence of the shot usually sinks to the bottom. And this single-shot espresso was a potent swallow of velvety coffee for me, with intense bitterness.

Quarter Life Coffee 9

As for the latte, it was creamy and smooth in the mouth which was personally a lot easier to appreciate. It was my maiden taste of the Single Espresso Shot and it definitely was an eye-opener. It is notable that single espresso shots are the purest way of drinking coffee.

The experience I had at Quarter Life Coffee not only introduced me to coffee beans that I’ve never tasted before but had also given me an insight into the how coffee is professionally tasted. Quarter Life Coffee showcases the purest desires of those who work hard to produce quality coffee which definitely changed my perspective on how coffee is made.

Perhaps, you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply someone who enjoys a coffee a day. I’d say Quarter Life Coffee has something special to offer whichever you may be. Come down and have an indulgent coffee experience like no other.

Expected Damage: S$6 – S$6.50 per pax 

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Quarter Life Coffee

120A Prinsep Street, Singapore 187937

Our Rating 4/5

Quarter Life Coffee

120A Prinsep Street, Singapore 187937

Operating Hours: 10am - 11pm (Mon & Tue), 10am - 12am (Wed - Sat), Closed (Sun)

Operating Hours: 10am - 11pm (Mon & Tue), 10am - 12am (Wed - Sat), Closed (Sun)