R.K. Eating House: 24-hour spot serving roti tsunami, maggi mee goreng & chocolate prata with curry

With 2 hawker centres, plenty of cafes, pubs and restaurants, there never seems to be a dull moment for foodies at Serangoon Gardens. R.K. Eating House is one of my regular haunts in the area. Whether I’m searching for a supper spot or craving roti prata, this place will always be at the top of my list.

R.K. Eating house - front facade

As much as I can recall patronising this place for the past 2 decades, I was dumbfounded that there’s not much media coverage online. Is it because this place has already become so mainstream that no introduction is needed?

Oh well, I decided to head down there and do a review anyway.

What I tried at R.K. Eating House

I decided to go for something I’ve never ordered before, the R.K Prata Special (S$12.33). I was asked by the staff if I wanted the tsunami option, to which I agreed.

R.K. Eating house - tsunami prata

“Woah!” My colleague, Rachel and I exclaimed as the dish landed on our table.

“What a loaded prata this is,” she said. And indeed it was. 2 pieces of roti prata were drenched in chicken curry, mutton curry, dalcha, mutton cubes, a few chunks of chicken tikka, sambal chilli, and 2 perfectly round soft-boiled eggs.

R.K. Eating house - tsunami prata closeup

Just like a tsunami which inflicts its wrath and floods entire cities, my pieces of prata were also completely suffocated by the quartet of sauces.

R.K. Eating house - egg breakage

At sethlui.com, we love all things that jiggle. Of course, we had to religiously follow our tradition and feature the luscious yellow yolk bursting from the paper-thin membrane of egg white.

We shined the spotlight on the prata by rescuing them from the pool of sauces, and tried our best to pack every single element into one huge messy spoonful of ingredients. Just look at it!

R.K. Eating house - everything combined

Om nom nom nom… there was a moment of silence as I tried to process all the different flavours and textures— it was a multi-dimensional experience!

I could taste the different nuances of curry coming from the different spices used in each variation. This was followed by a strong ikan bilis flavour coming from the sambal, coupled with the creaminess of the egg. Surprisingly, certain parts of the roti prata were still nice and crispy.

R.K. Eating house - meat closeup

The chicken tikka was flavourful while the mutton cubes were nice and tender without the unpleasant gamey taste.

R.K. Eating house - maggi mee goreng

R.K. Eating house - chicken

We then moved on to one of my favourites, the Fried Maggi with Fried Chicken (S$8.69). It had a pile of stir-fried orangey-red Maggi mee with slices of cabbage, a beautiful sunny side-up resting on top, a dollop of chilli sauce by the side, and a large piece of fried chicken leg.

R.K. Eating house - fried chicken closeup

The chicken was well-marinated and I could taste the aromatic spices especially on the skin, which was also extremely crispy.

R.K. Eating house - breaking egg


R.K. Eating house - noodles closeup

I destroyed the delicate fried egg and ate it together with the noodles. The creamy yolk that flowed down coated each individual strand, making it extra rich and delicious.

R.K. Eating house - chocolate prata

For the final dish, we ordered the Chocolate Prata (S$3.27). This was an impromptu decision as everything Rachel and I wanted for dessert wasn’t available that day— what a bummer!

R.K. Eating house - chocolate prata insides

R.K. Eating house - chocolate prata closeup

As I pried open the prata, the gooey chocolate sauce oozed out. The outer dough was nice and crispy, which went hand-in-hand with the sweet runny chocolate filling.

We were served a small dish of curry together with the Chocolate Prata, and that got us putting on our thinking cap.

“Would dessert taste weird with curry?”

“Would we regret trying it?”

All these questions started running through our minds.

R.K. Eating house - chocolate prata with curry

I mustered up the courage and just went for it, breaking the sacred rule that only savoury prata goes together with curry. And I’m glad I did… the combination was slay!

The sweetness of the chocolate oddly matched well with the spiced curry. Who would have known?

Final thoughts

R.K. Eating house - overview

Dining at R.K. Eating House was a rewarding experience. I managed to relive the satisfaction of having my usual favourite dish, tried a mind-blowing new dish, and discovered a new love of pairing chocolate and curry together.

Moving forward, I’ll be introducing this new-found combination to my family and friends. Exciting!

Expected damage: S$4 – S$15 per pax

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

R.K. Eating House

1 Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557253

Our Rating 4.5/5

R.K. Eating House

1 Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557253

Telephone: +65 6289 5379
Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours
Telephone: +65 6289 5379

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours