Raffles Grill: Elegant Exclusive 3-Course Dinner Booked Through Chope

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Raffles Grill, a key limb to the long-established Raffles Hotel, has been around since 1923.

Priding itself for its exceptional Asian-accentuated Contemporary French Cuisine, Raffles Grill, in collaboration with Chope, has conceived an exclusive 3-course Chope dinner menu for patrons who make reservations through Chope.

On top of its exceptional cuisine, the distinguished Raffles Grill is highly-regarded for its excellent service and array of fine wines, including noteworthy vintages.

Raffles Grill interior

Adorned with hanging chandeliers and daylight pouring through tall French Windows that line each wall, this Colonial-style dining hall fills one with a clear sense of elegance and grandeur.

Raffles Grill

As we settled down at our Orchid-embellished table, the sommelier promptly presented us with a bottle of Champagne: Billecart-Salmon Brut reserve, and we were all poured glasses of lovely bubbly.

raffles grill bread-9926

Then we were offered a bread basket filled with mini French Baguettes and Multigrain Rye Bread with the choice of salted or unsalted butter. Ahh, there’s nothing more comforting than the smell of freshly baked bread.

raffles grill lobster-9933

We sauntered into our 3-course meal with the first course of White Asparagus and Crispy Maine Lobster.

Underneath crisp breaded coating were small chunks of soft and sweet lobster.

The White Asparagus, currently in season, was cooked till tender, juicy and effortless to tear apart.

Decorated with Cep mushrooms and drizzled with Argan oil Vinaigrette, all the elements of this dish, light on the palate, came together perfectly.

raffles grill pollock-9946

The second course served was the Grilled Pollock Fish in Spiced Tomato Nage.

I find titillation from interactive dishes, so when our server approached us with soup in a beaker and proceeded to elegantly pour it into my bowl, I could say I was more than a little excited.

Raffles Grill-9956

The pollock itself was well roasted and tender with hints of herby flavours on its skin.

The tomato soup had an exciting sour kick and hidden in it were little pieces of light and juicy zucchini.

To balance these soft textures, was the crisp squid ink-infused potato chip that also brought a nice salty finish to the dish.

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In between courses were several sips of champagne and by the time dessert had arrived, we were completely replete. However, there is always room for dessert.

Placed on a platter was the Petit Four: Raspberry Financier, Black Chocolate Praline, and Calamansi Marshmallow, all contrasts to one another in both flavours and texture.

The Raspberry Financier was sweet, fluffy and slightly tart. The Black Chocolate Praline was bitter-sweet and milky smooth, while the Calamansi Marshmallow, so soft that it disintegrated almost immediately in my mouth, gave off a sweet tinge of sour.

Raffles Grill-9959

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was more than one dessert dish.

This is the Chocolate Mango. Warm chocolate lava cake loaded with Mango Custard and on the side, Jasmine Ice Cream, Jasmine Tea Jelly, Mango Puree and a small slice of Fresh Mango.

With the warm bittersweet bliss of the lava cake, came bursts of sweet, tangy flavours brought out by the mango components of the dish.

To cleanse the slightly bitter aftertaste left behind, were the light and pure flavours of the jasmine ice cream and jasmine tea jelly.

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And thus, that wraps up the 3-course set menu created in conjunction with Chope. With impeccable service, wonderful Champagne, and magnificent food, our dining experience at Raffles Grill was a wonderful delight.

To gain access to this select menu, make your reservations through the Chope app or website.

Expected Damage: $98++ per pax for the 3-Course Chope Dinner Menu

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Raffles Grill: 1 Beach Road,Raffles Hotel, Singapore 189673 Tel: +65 6412 1816 | Website